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First question on so many minds is why the pictures of me above, well simply, this site is about 5 years old now and when i first put it up i was emailed so many times, with oh Shaykh this and shaykh that,..etc.. So i decide to show some of my pictures to show that i'm just like very one else, not some holy shaykh, which i think many people were thinking me to be in the early days. I

'm now 32 i was born in the UK and i would say started my journey to Allah at the age of 19. I've written about 40,000 words or so on my spiritual journey since the age of 19 til now. My Autobigraphy is very rough and in draft copy only parts of it are below. anyway the point of the pictures is to say look i've been shown by the Mercy of Allah this path of tariqah, i'm still doing it, so you can also do it, who says your not more blessed then me..?. i hope to share my 13 years expericence with you hoping that it may help in some way, it covers from the Shaykhs i meet, Dreams, journeys to holy lands and simple advice and much more. i'm onlt wish is that is benefits others esepically me first of all. Maybe this journey itself written it all down may open up thoughts and wisdoms passed down through the years.

My Autobiography is in the style of didactic- dairy. and has sections

1) Diary - My Current and last past 15 years experiences entwined with dreams
2) Nasiha - My Advise and also some Frequently Asked Questions
3) My Sufi Mind Mapping diagrams - Training Course based on Sufi books

4) These are some of the Most hit and Interesting Articles from My Sufi Forum
5) Some E-Books and Interesting Articles that i've written others complied

So far i've written the Advice section below, but very soon i'll put more sections about my Life, because many people have asked me already how i managed all his work and more about how i achieved my journeys abroad to so many Maqams.If you find this Advice useful email me and fill the BraveNet GuestBook and tell me how its help in any way.(much more will be addedform of chronicles) i'd like to make a section for people of Tariqah to find partners called Sufi-marriage link as well at the moment, need details for those interested. If you'd like to ring me, or asks any questions please do so my Mobile is above. My articles & advice below is in rough format, so you will see many errors please inform so they can be Fixed.

Diary - My Current and last past 15 years experiences entwined with dreams

Diary - My Dalail ul Khayrat Experiences
Diary - Meeting Hamza Yusuf and dreams
Diary - Meeting Shaykh Habib Ali Jiffri and dreams
Diary- My collection of Hamza Yusuf and others Cassettes/CDs NEW
Pictures of my Home Library, its worth about £2-£3000 and personal CD MP3s and audio Dhikr and Qadsidah, which i bought and mainly created :- Pic1 Pic2
Diary - Shaykh Nazim Visting and dreams
Diary - Jinns
Diary - Showing Respect to Shaykhs of every Tariqah
Diary - My spiritual Journey through the Blessed land of Damascus
Diary - My spiritual Journey through the Blessed land of Medina Shareef
Diary - My spiritual Journey through Turkey
Diary - My spiritual Journey through Pakistan and going to the Urs Shareef of my Shaykhs
Diary - My spiritual Journey through Jordan & Al-Quds

Nasiha - My Advise and also some Frequently Asked Questions

My Personal Advise ( Nasiha) - Introduction Important to read
My Personal Advise ( Nasiha) - Adab of Salaat-ul-Istikharah
My Personal Advise (Nasiha) on Sadaqah for every Day with a Dua - Sadaqah is a Shield from Balah-trials/problems. 70 Problems will attack you everyday
My Personal Advise Nasiha) on Books to Study for the Beginner
My Personal Advise Nasiha) Dreams also Developing Insights and Spiritual Openings to Allah
My Personal Advise (Nasiha) - Slandering and covering the faults of your brother
My Personal Advise on how to use Western Toliets and Hygiene
My Personal Advise on Never Despair in the Mercy of Allah
My Personal Advise on boyfriends, girlfriends - what do I do?
Qustion asked about Sexual Desire
My Personal Advise on How the Living can Help the dead and the Best Effective Dua's by reading 70,000- La-e-lahaa ill-lal-lah
My Personal Advise on :-Khatam Shareef & Ghawth al Azim's Help & Dua's for protection
FULL Downloadable Dalail alKhayrat a beautiful recitation
My Personal Advise on :Khatam of Dalail ul Khayrat & Salawat Fatihi- called Durood Fatihi in Urdu) Also see link below
My persona Advise on: Salawat Al-Fatihi (durood Fatihi) -Very Powerful salawat (Durood Shareef)- My Sufi Forum
My Personal Advise - Wait 40 years in presence of Allah
My Advise: Sister in pain & suffering from past abuse Duas for healing and problems
- Reador Durood Tunjina- durood of Distress and problems
My AdviseDurood Durood Tunjina- Durood of Distress and problems read 40 times a day
Secrets of Allah's Mercy in forgiving sins though Hardship - The 17 benefits of tribulation/Problems-

My Sufi Mind Mapping diagrams - Training Course based on Sufi books

My Sufi Training Course- 1st steps of the Salik- Spiritual Journey Via Mind Mapping Diagams made simple
Also see Minding Maps and diagrams to Tariqah made Simple
My Sufic Mind Mapping diagram based on 'The Sufi Science of Self-Realization-A Guide to the Seventeen Ruinous Traits-Word Doc , the Ten Steps to Discipleship and the Six Realities of the Heart' by Shaykh Hisham Kabbani downloadable - Word Document Also extra Notes Downloadable file right clickand save target. Its my simple guide of the whole book, its a tool/aid for the book.
Assessing One's Spiritual State - based on Imam Haddad texts and others - My Sufi Forum
Illicit (Haraam) and Suspect Food-Imam –Haddad which I've also added some notes
- My Sufi Forum
Sufic Dua for Finding your Spiritua lSufi Shaykh Master in dreams ....... Asking “Ya Shaykh Madad!” – Istighatha -Isti`ana
Interesting Sufi Dua's to say when Travelling

These are some of the Most hit and Interesting Articles from My Sufi Forum (please note if you cant see the links within the Sufi Forum you need to Join)

Shaykh Abul Hasan Shadhili's -Hizbul Bahr Litany of the Sea-Arabic English Downloadable Audio - My Sufi Forum you need to be member to see links
The Mystical Teachings of Shaykh Abu Hasan Shadhili
Diagam & Text -Duas - Muraqbah Shadhaili Way a Must - My Sufi Forum
Downloadable Shadhiliyyah Darqawiyyah book text is Pages 230+ E-book Word - My Sufi Forum
Prayer Of Qubt Shaykh Ibn Mashish- As-Salatul-Mashishiyyah Arabic/English -The Shaykh of Shaykh aBul Hasan Shadhaili- My Sufi Forum
Wird al-Latif-Arabic/English-Translation & downloadable Audio by Hamza Yusuf with Commentary - My Sufi Forum
FULL Audio Downloadable Dalail ul Khayrat a beautiful recitation
Barakah of Dalail khayrat - how to Read & Honour the text - My Sufi Forum

Some E-Books and Interesting Articles that i've written others complied and Frequently Asked Questions

My Useful Links of Islamic/Sufic & Books, Films/DVDs,Maps, Dreams Guides, that may help
The Bismillah - 19 letters - also called –[ayatul-aman]. verse of Scripture that Guarantees Protection
The Life and Spiritual surrounds of Mevlâna Jalâluddîn Rumi- compiled from differrent sources - My Sufi Forum
Virues of Surahs and Verse of the Quran
Nice article on Reflection - by Muhammad Sajad Ali
A Dua Called 'Shukr-Allah' Composed by Muhammad Sajad Ali
A Dua Called 'Madaat'-Help Me Pious Ones Made-up by Muhammad Sajad Ali
Importance to Say and Learn :-La-e-lahaa ill-lal-lah ( Read 70,000- La-e-lahaa ill-lal-lah see above Living helping the dead) article Aimed at non-Muslims & Muslims
70,000 unveiled when breaking the Fast and the Vision of the Divine Beauty -Nov 200
Every day 70,000 Khawatir =Thoughts and wasasa Insinuation
NUR-E-MUHAMMADI (peace be upon him) Who did Allah create First...?
Types of Ibadah in Shahr Ramadhan by Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilan Nov 2001 from Al-Ghunya li-talibi Vol.3
Fasting is Heathly - Hadith -Nov 2001 explaining all the Health Advantages of Fasting
Rewards For Performing Taraweeh During Ramadaan
E-Book The Specialties and Benefits of the Month of Rajab 'Rajabun Shahrullah' - 'Rajab is the month of Allah' - E-Book Downloadable right click save Target
E-book about Isra and Miraj various versions - E-Book Downloadable right click save Target

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