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Its time to ponder on your thoughts about how we arrived here, why we’re here and what of our tomorrow..? Do you think we’re here in vain, without direction to do as we please or is there another purpose..? To out existence which is under constant threat, by the people around us, by what laws, by what morals, by what ethics do you govern yourself or is it you’ve been indoctrinated with when living on this earth..?

This has dazzled so many of us today..!!!And what of the rules, of conduct and behaviour? Who is the instigator of what you do and how you do it? Who makes these rules, you happily follow without question? These rules that are unjust and contradictory to one another, are you blind in the country were the eyed king rules? Why are you silent maybe? You think your free and what is freedom? When the ability to think has been stolen from under your feet (being alive), when freedom of choice has been now psychologically replaced by the marketing tactics, of giving you a consumer-orientated mentality, thus falling into a materialistic-syndrome.

So your reduced to a junkie, saying I want this and I want that etc.. trying to live in extravagance, but who are you fooling? Only yourself, with this ostentatious dream-lifestyle. WAKE UP…..!This is a warning that you’ve became a walking zombie.! So just stop and reflect on your life and ask yourself who you really are and what you’ve became. Stop, and contemplate, understand what has been said so far and glance into the evening. When there is tranquillity in the atmosphere until you can hear your own heart beat and then you will remember when you were in your mothers womb. The first sound you heard was her heart beat. That’s why one of the reason you enjoy music so much, it reminds you of home, the womb, but why stop there..?Reflect further back, deeper, you may just open up the secrets of your life.

Look at the marvels of this world and its beauty placed in harmony, see the stars, how they decorate the sky night to guide the weary traveller on the road and ships on the sea. The rain which gives life to the land when its dead, the day by the sun and the night by the moon giving its due measure, neither out striping each other. Were do we fit into this picture? Searching this deep may start to satisfy your heart, because we all have the innate ability of belief in God. But we differ in belief, some worship the creator, others worship created objects, directly or indirectly, of old times it was trees and volcanoes and much more, today its pop and TV stars and much more.But what’s really changed, well times has, but the stupidity is the same.

Life’s a journey and not a game or waste of time, with many roads and many signs to go the right way (yet we seem to be going in different ways) these signs are evidence of the truth from were we came and were we shall arrive. These signs are a perfect example of how to live on the earth without being fooled by it, they will give you hope, show humanity how to live in a way, that is natural, compassionate and just. But what are these signs and how do you recognise them, well the formula to start from is ( la-e-la-ha ill-lal-lah ) which means, No deity but one god, only worthy of worship, these are powerful words, past down from the beginning of time, for mankind when said sincerely, will illuminate within you and awaken the depths of your secret of your soul.

As music is reminiscent of the heart beat, but these words will take you back before you were born and remind you when you were present in front of your Lord. Repeating this formula is like a phone call from your heart and soul to your lord. But just say that this is the right method and your wrong about how you worship the master of the universe. Is what you follow correct, does it give you total satisfaction.What proof do you have its the right way, by what criteria do you distinguish it, has it no flaws or man hasn’t tampered to misguide you.

How do you know your not being misdirected,..? Don’t follow the ways of your forefathers, or the system of society, because that’s blind following, search for the truth and demand for answers for your life’s problems and for the problems around you, if you or they can’t find solutions, then ask why. To prove this is the best way, is to practice reciting the formula yourself from the heart and with pure sincerity and it will enlighten your heart and show solutions for misery in life. You cannot change a society’s sickness unless you first change yourself, there is a flesh within man if it is sick the whole body is sick, if it is well then the whole body is well, it is the heart.Question your state of being, as tomorrow you will die! And what happens then?

Muhammad Sajad Ali