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In the company of Shaykh Habib Ali Jiffri

Note: originally an email to a brother that wanted to know more about me, thus the style.

Stories from My personal Diary as a Muslim, they are on going, and will be updated soon and on regular bases. And it ' s what I've heard from Shaykhs and my experiences from that, so its second hand knowledge from them but first hand on how I understood it, and that must be understood by you, because people will digest things in different ways and capacities .

For I will say it ' s a 9 and you may say it ' s a 6, both are correct but which angle does one discern with and that's what really must be understood. Asking all the different possibilities is were real depth and breath lies and this is called being a 'Alim ' its not how many books of Hadith you've memorised but its giving Hidiyah - Guidance and to have Nur in your Heart to guide people. And that's what I‘m trying to base my Personal Advice –Nasiha on Inshallah. But I'm No Alim .

As for Habib Ali Jiffri , I met him twice and one of my friends took bay'ah with him. It ' s strange because that same friend was the one who invited me into his house to give some talks, and the book I used was by Shaykh Imam Hadadd which is the Great, Great… father of sayyid Habib Ali Jiffri. So maybe something rubbed off on him from my talks , Allahu-Alim. ( S ubhanallah)

So when my friend met the Shaykh he told him of a dream, then he was given Bay'ah. He then related this story to why he became a mureed of the Shaykh.

I remember Habib Ali Jiffri's first visit because I had just got back from Pakistan, I remember dropping my bags of at home getting on a train and heading for Ealing, for the Shaykhs talk . (I had no rest or sleep on the plane and so remember the jet lack kicking in and knocking me out by 10.pm.) I sat near Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad, on the cold floor who was the translator for the Shaykh who delivered his speech in Arabic, I seized the moment by asking Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad a question while we waited for the Shaykh to arrive.

After that I was in Birmingham in the Sutlan Bahu Mosque, there I sat with two friends of mine both Sayyids and Yemenis, who also live in the UK. There was a talk by the Shaykh and some Dhikr as well.

I was then invited to one of the Shaykh's Mureed's house, to sit with Shaykh Habib Ali Jiffri . I was shown much respect, the Shaykh sat and talked with his Mureeds after they took photographs of all the mureeds and people in the room, if I have n ever see n the pictures I'll add them to my photo gallery when I do .

A fter the Shaykh had gone, I had a dream where I was performing Dhikr with the Haddadi mureeds.

On Shaykh Habib Ali Jiffri's second visit to the UK He came to Hounslow Mosque, after giving a beautiful speech, dinner was being served . I met him while sitting near him at dinner after the talk ; I wanted to ask him a question but out of Shyness and Adab I kept it in my Heart.

That night I met Shaykh Habib Ali Jiffri in my dream and we talked.

What you've read about my personal section is the limited version why? Some of the best things I have seen in my dreams , I've not said because people may get Envious of me, and say , " W hy is he having dreams and not me!"

That statement is from an envious childish person and it can happen to the best of us. (With Envy, it may and can stop connects with having dreams to stop.) So for that reason my best stuff is left out! Nevertheless, I will put them in a Diary for only close friends to read.

aslo see
The good dream of a man who is salih is a forty-sixth part of prophecy

Yours Muhammad Sajad Ali



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