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My autobiography

Two reason why I'm writing my autobiography, one is for my personal memories and close friends. And this version is much longer and more detailed (and some people maybe get bored so its only selected sections only) the other is because many people have emailed me asking me the some questions about me and all the visits aboard and how blessed or lucky I must be, so I hoping to make it more interesting for those who want to know more about me, and how I planned these trips, and the Shaykhs I've encountered on they way, the Way to Allah through the Spiritual journey of Sufism.

My autobiography is an on going project, which covers the last 10 years of my life, and is the experiences of my travels aboard meeting and being in the company of the Sufi Master of this era. The Dhikr sessions I've been invited to and openings that have happen to me, also my struggles with life, and what its meant to me as person also my personal insights on how I've understood what the noble Shaykhs have taught me.

Its written in a Didactic - Diary style, thus in 2 parts both interweaving each other :-

Didactic- which is educational or teachings

Diary- the accounts of some events in my life.

So I I've put them into sections others wise you may be I'm giving some kind of a lecture other then my personal accounts and experiences, which soils the whole thing.

Section one:- is called Nasiha-Advise in this section, is my personal advise as well some of my personal daily routines so you maybe have a more of a insight, on have I spend some of my day and days of the week. Other actives and how to go about doing ibadah- worship within the year will be cover inshallah.

Section two:- is more a Diary with my experiences travelling meeting sufi Masters and so forth and explained above.

Also my main aim is help others build and rise up in spiritual degrees and explain how I have found some of these openings, peace and tranquilly in my heart with Dhikr. Personally I don't think I've accomplish much, but what little and its very little I've gained I'm going to share it with you, so Insh'allah you can rise in degrees higher then me and remember me in your Du'as ,when you reach there, his humble sinful, weak meagre soul striving for the mercy of Allah's generosity gifts of being saved from the Fire and placed in the lowest palace of Heaven Insh'allah and even that's the highest reward for someone with my simplicity.

Muhammad Sajad Ali



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