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Meeting Hamza Yusuf  and Cassettes

I've got around 100 titles by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf . I usually listen to them in my car on the way to work - the listing can be found here . I had a dream w h ere I was with him , sitting down on some stairs , and he was teaching me a Dua . T he reason why that happen ed was, once I was listening to one of his lectures were I couldn't make out what Hamza Yusuf was saying, because he said the Dua too fast. So I rewind the cassette many times until I tried to make out what he said. But I couldn't . I really wanted to know what was being said in the Dua, I had high Himma-Yearning to know , and I put it down only to this that I had the dream.

It was a Dua on how to increase in the learning of Arabic Language . Much later Shaykh Hamza came to London it was the 9/11 talk that he gave, outside people just rushed towards him. However, I kept my adab- one must have good manners- and walked up to the crowd. Then the crowed opened up like the sea opened for Musa .a.s and I gave my salaams. Told him of the dream and then asked if he could repeat that Dua for me, I took my tape recorder out, he then said the Dua which goes like this:-

Ya Fattahu ya Alimu If-tahlana fithan Kareeba - he then said I received this Dua from Shaykh habib Mashhur al_Haddad.

see Niyyah for Knowledge Dua by Imam Haddad - recited before any studying - Note there two duas.

I gave my salaams kissed his hand and left, my friends that were with me said how did you manage to just to walk into a crowd of people and meet him like that? I smiled and said that I kept good Adab . Keep good Adab and you'll see that thing s will happen for you Insh'allah.

Note:- This is the Golden Rule which is my point and will always be my point. ( Adab : good manners- Manners are the Heaviest Deed on the scale-mizan on Judgement Day.)

It ' s not about reading several Books you know, I'm not learned in any way, I consider my self very stupid and limited in regards of Islamic Knowledge. I only know a few Surahs here or there, I don't even know many D uas of by heart. But Manners allowed me to go towards the Shaykh , nothing else.

Then Shaykh Hamza came to Hounslow Mosque, the Mosque was completely packed out. At the end of the talk I walked into the Crowed of people, but this time I was wearing my Turban and Jubbah, and people moved . S ome I tapped on the shoulders when they saw me they moved, the crowd was pushing, but again I just walked through them . I had a gift which was a picture frame of Surah Barakah, I gave it to the Shaykh along with my salaams, with me was my friend - who I said to what ever happens don't leave my side and I will introduce you to the Shaykh . However he didn't listen to me , I said this is my friend and turned, but he was a bit behind at that time . Shaykh Hamza pushed to go, and just before that, Mash Allah one Brother took Shahadah.

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