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  (Nasiha) - Slandering and covering the faults of your brother

A friend asked me if he had done the right thing and explained, that brother X was asking if brother Y was an alcoholic, and he said I’ve never seen him drink. I said he said the right thing but then he said that brother Z said who him why are you lying you’re sinful for that! I said No you did the best act in that situation and went on to explain why. Its says in our tradition if you cover the faults of your brother Allah will cover your faults on the Day of Judgment. As for one of his names is As-Sattar – the One who covers or hides. By covering the faults of your brother your not exposing his short comings and weakness to others. Which can be shameful for him/her, in also tradition it also says find 70 excuses for your brother. Like saying maybe I heard him wrong, maybe I said something to upset him or get him anger that’s why him reacting like that. Maybe its why fault, maybe I’ve miss understood something? Maybe his just having a bad day, maybe his under a lot of pressure and problems, maybe he does know how to behaviour or wasn’t taught properly and so forth Etc.    Understanding those two traditions one arrives at the understanding, that maybe by helping your brother and being merciful to him, Allah will send angels to help you and be merciful to you and cover your faults.   As for the punishment of the fool that was asking that is brother Y, what doesn’t concern you leave alone in a tradition, unless you can benefit from it. I.e. are you asking because you want to marry your sister to him? Then you can ask such questions, other then that its not allowed.   Secret wisdom This was for brother Y and brother Z, Because were you there, at his room last night did you see him do tauwba-repentance for drinking if he did and Allah excepted it, then he is forgiven and for a punishment you will not die until you do that act of disobedient for slandering the poor brother in his weakness.  The brother is question went to hajj last year and prays five times a day.

  Ask your self would you like to tell people about all the silly and stupid things you get up to into weakness of your Nafs-whims  and Shaytans Waas-Waas-Whispering in the  ear. No you don’t and your ashamed of them we all are. Yet why it we need to talk about others, because when we die we’ll be ask in the grave what did YOU do.? They will asked in there grave bed. As they say you’ve made your bed now sleep in it, know sleep is the twin sister of death. Also it says before you take the twig (that a tiny piece of wood) of  someone’s eye, that the log  (large piece of wood) out your own eye.