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Du'a  Madaat Calling on all Holy Ones

Read Durood/ Shareef-Salawat ala Rasul then say,

O Allah for the sake, Sayyiduna wa Mawlana Muhammad Rasoolillah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam)
wa-Kull Anbiya-Allah-(all Prophets) and for the sake of, ‘ibadillah-his-saliaheen (pious ones)
Khailafa Rashidun Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Siddiq, Umar, Uthman, Hadhrat Ali karma wala wajhu.

Hadhrat Imam Hussaian wa Hassan, fatima Zahrah, Sayyiduna Hamza, Abbas, Ja far sa-Saadiq, Nafisa Tahirah Wa kull Ahl-lil Baht. (all the People of the House), Sayyiduna Ashr-mubushr (Ten promised Heaven)

Ashiq Rasool Hadhrat Uwayis Qarani Sayyiduna Zanul-Abadeen, Ya Shaykh Abu Yazid al-Bistami Ya Shaykh Hasan Basri Ya Shaykh Da'wud -Ta'ai , Ya Shaykh Maruf Karki, Ya Shaykh Sari Saqti Ya Shaykh Imam Sufi Junayid al-Baghdadi, Ya Shaykh Ali Hujwari Data Ganj Baksh
Ya Shaykh Muhyiddin Abdal-Qadir Jilani Ghawth al-Azam.

Ya Shaykh Abu Madyan Al-Ghawth, Ya Shaykh Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi
Ya Shaykh Shihabuddin Yahya Suhrawardi, Ya Shaykh Ahmad Badawi

Ya Shaykh Ahmad Ri fai', Ya Shaykh Shah Naqshbandi, Ya Shaykh Shamsudeen Tabriz,
Ya Shaykh Jalaludeen Rumi

Ya Shaykh Nureddin Jerrahi, Ya Shaykh  Khalid al-Baghdadi
Ya Shaykh Abu-Hasan Shadhili, Ya Shaykh Imam Alawi al-Haddad Arif-billah

Ya Shaykh Muhyiddin Chisti, Ya Shaykh Sultan-Awliya Hajj Muhammad Noshahi Ganj Baksh
Ya Shaykh Darqawi, Ya Shaykh Ahmad al-Tijani,

For the sake of The Qubt of this Time Ya Arif-billah Shaykh Sidi Hamza Qadiri-Boutchichi Al Maddat

Ya Allah, Ya Rabbi-my Lord, For the sake of your Habib, Madaat Ya Rasulillah (sallal-laahu-wa-sallam) Ya Ahl-bayt, Ya Sahaba Ikraam. And for the sake of the Followers-(Ta’ibeen) and the Followers of Followers-(Tab’ Ta’ibeen). For the sake the all the Prophets–(Anbiya), all the Mayrtas-(Shaheed), all Saints-(Awliya).For the sake of blessed Inhabitants of Jannat Baqi wa Jannat Mallah. For sake of the Pole the Qutb of this Zamana-(time) the 40 Abdals in Damacus, For the sake of the saints in Medinatal-Awliya in Multan. And All Shaykhs of every Tariqah-(Mushuyukh ul-Turuq) For the Sake of the secrets of the Holy Quran and Surah Al-Fatiha. The Promise of the Durood Shareef/Salawat ala rasul and for the sake of All Durood Shareef/Salawat ala rasul recited from the day You created the world to the Day of Resurrection every day a thousand times for ever and ever. For the sake of the secrects Dalal’il ul khayrat, and Qasida Burda shareef and for every Wird (Daily Dhikr) of every Tariqah, and every Majmu’ha Wazi af-(Powerful du’as) recited by your Pious Ones.For the sake of Isma-al-Azam-(Allah’s Greatest name and Hidden Names) by which every du’a is excepted. By them and may this be our Waseelah.

Read Durood Shareef Shareef-Salawat ala Rasul then say

(3rd Kalim) [subhanallah-walhamdulillah-wa-la-e-laha-illalalhu-wallahu-akhbar...to the end-]

Astagfirurallah.. Astagfirurallah.. Astagfirurallah

God forgive me, God forgive me God forgive me


Ya Mujeeb-ba’ Daa’wad. Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum Bi-rahamatika-asta-gheth

O Answerer of Du’as Respond to our Du’a. O Ever-Living O Self-Subsisting reply & have Mercy to our appeal


Allahum-magh-filee wa-lil mu’mai-neena wa mu’mia-naat wa muslai-meena wa muslimaat.

O Allah forgive the Mu’min male & female forgive Muslims male & female

Ask for you Du’a and needs here

Subhana rabbika rabil izaatai amaa yasaaifoon wasalaamun aalal mursaleen walhamdo lillah hai rabil aalameen…(37:180-182)

For the sake of the Secret of Fatiha - Read Fatiha and finish as you started with, Durood Shareef/Shareef-Salawat ala Rasul

This Dua was made by Muhammad Sajad Ali


This Dua I’ve Called Madaat-Help.  You will not find this in any text. But parts of it will be found here or there in sufi texts. I’ve included so many of the different Shaykhs from many other tariqahs to show respect to them all. And not to upset anybody who has a shaykh as well. I’ve added at the bottom small well known dua’s to complete my Dua. This is only something I made up, but its principles are based on Tariqah and manners of Asking when in need of something. when you feel your dua’s are empty or slow, and you need a helping hand, The Secret is Sending them the Reward of Thawaad-Reward of your reciting as a Gift to them and Fatiha to them all (Do you think they will not respond by doing a dua for you!)  Also References can be found at the end of page.

A simple version is to say

Allahhumma Ya Allah, Ya Rabbi!

Madaat Ya Rasulillah (sallal-laahu-wa-sallam) Ya Khailafa Rashidun, Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Hadhrat Ali karma wala wajhu

Ya Imam Hasan wa Hussain, fatima Zahrah, Ya Ahl-bayt, Ya Ashr-mubushr, Ya Sahaba Ikraam,

Ta’ibeen, Tab’ Ta’ibeen Al-Madaat. Madaat Ya Kull Anbiya, Shaheed, Saliheen, Awliya. 

Ya Shaykh Muhyiddin Abdal-Qadir Jilani Al-Madaat.

Ya Shaykh Sultan-Awliya Hajj Muhammad Noshahi Ganj Baksh Al-Madaat

For the sake of The Qubt of this Time Shaykh Sidi Hamza Al Maddat

Reference for thoses whos hearts are troubled with My Above Dua

·        It says if you call the names out of pious ones, mercy will decend from the Heavens to that place. Also your asking them to do dua for you, your NOT praying to them. This is can be found in many traditions. The common dua for losing your camel is to say O ‘ibadillah madaat. O Pious Men Help me or something like this. This is well documented in many sound traditions..

Ya Shaykh Madad! 


The Substitutes (al-abdal) are in Syria and they are forty men, every time one of them dies, Allah substitutes another in his place. By means of them Allah brings down the rain, gives (Muslims) victory over their enemies, and averts punishment from the people of Syria."" al-Haythami

When Imam al-Shafi`i was in Baghdad, he would visit the grave of Imam Abu Hanifa, give him salam, and then ask Allah for the fulfillment of his need through his means (yatawassal ilallah ta`ala bihi fi qada' hajatihi).

hafiz al-Dhahabi also relates Ibrahim al-Harbi's saying about Ma`ruf al-Karkhi: "Ma`ruf's grave is proven medicine." Siyar a`lam al-nubala' (9:343).

"Praise belongs to Allah the Exalted! Seeking or using means (al-tawassul) to Allah through his Prophet or the Prophets or the Righteous (al-salihin) or with the deeds (a`mal) that are done purely for His glorious countenance: There is no legal prohibition against it, because Allah the Exalted said: "Seek ye the means to Him" (5:35) and "Had they but come to thee when they had wronged themselves, and asked Allah forgiveness, and the Messenger had asked forgiveness for them, they would have found Allah Oft-Returning, Merciful" (4:64) and because the Companions -- may Allah be well pleased with them -- used to seek a means through Allah's Messenger, as narrated concerning the blind man who used Allah's Messenger as a means (to obtain his request) and his eyes were opened




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