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Dua for Finding your Spiritual Shaykh in dreams - Inshallah


Finding a Wali Murshid - Holy teacher / Sufi Master istn't easy if one doesn't know the manner of finding him. We all have Spiritual Masters that we can call on, if someone is lost in a land we he is a Stranger, there a is a traditional to call on the Saint of that area for help.

Plea for Help - al-Isti'ana it linked with duas of travelling and for calling out for help like in a stranger in a land (ya`ibad Allah, aghithuni O servants of Allah, help me; Abu Ya`la, Ibn al-Sunni, and al-Tabarani in al-Mu`jam al-Kabir narrated that the Prophet (saws) said "If one of you loses something or seeks help or a helper (ghawth), and he is in a land where there is no one to befriend, (stranger) let him say: "O servants of Allah, help me! (ya `ibad Allah, aghithuni), for verily Allah has servants whom one does not see."  Al-Haythami said in Majma` al-Zawa'id (10:132)

Tariqah is a Path which many need to travel on, so many of us are travelling to Allah and are strangers in this land, our Real home is the next world. Also we are told that calling for Help on the Men of the Unseen is found in the Quran and Sunnah link below for full reference.

Ya Shaykh Madad!” – Istighatha -Isti`ana

Even in everyday Salaat we give the servants of Allah salaams as well the noble Prophet peace and blessings upon, in At-Tashahhud : we say … As Salaamu 'alaika ayyuhan nabiyyu wa rahmatul laahi wa barakaatuh wa ‘ As Salaamu 'alainaa wa 'alaa 'Ibadillaa his saaliheen - .. Greetings to you, O Prophet, and the mercy and blessings of Allah and unto the righteous servants of Allah.

So dont think it's a strange thing, we give them our Duas and salaams in our pray but many of us don't real know what we are saying in our salaat- Namaz. Understand that Salaam is not just a greeting it's a Dua as well, the arabic language is a comprehensive. Now that bit is explained lets go to the Dua, I was asked by some people how does one go about today to find a real Sufi Shaykh; it was a good question so I looked into myself and said try reading the following and tell if it helps. So they did and they saw their Shaykhs in their Dreams so from this I now present to others the same dua that I gave them to use, see below.

Please email on islam2jannat@yahoo.co.uk if you have any problems with the dua or if you are not getting any results.

Dua for Finding your Spiritual Shaykh in dreams

In the Name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the All-Compassionate.
Bismi'llahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Rahim

1 . Read two Rakah Nafil and with Niyyah -intention asking Allah for your Wali-Murshid Spiritual Shaykh.
2 Read 11 times Salawat/durood Naariyah - Secret powers of salawat / Durood  Naariyah-The Fire
3. Read 11 Surah Fatiha First Chapter of Quran
4. Read 11 Surah Ikhlas Surah 112

5. Make Dua : Bismi'llahir-Rahmanir-Rahim wa hamduillahi rabbil ‘alameen.
Ya Allah for the Sake Rasul-lillah (peace be upon him), Hadhrat Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali Karam wajuh.
For the Sake of the all Sahabah-ikram, Ahli-Bayt, Uwais Qarni, Ta' bieen and Tab- Ta' bieen.  
For the Sake of nuqaba, nujaba , the fortify Abdals , awtad, aqtab, Qutb and Ghawth of this time. Help Me

O Allah for their Sake I send this thawab-reward as Hadiyah-Gift upon them. Help me for the sake of all of their ibadah, Ya Shaykh Muhiyudeen Abdal-Qadir Jilani Madaat (Help Me), I turn to you for Spiritual guidance in finding my Spiritual Shaykh please help me, Ya Allah open my desires, my wises and hopes, and close all the doors to evil and pains in my life, and make ease my life and answer my prays by the secret of Surah Fatiha ( recite Surah Fatiha here)

6 Read 11 times Salawat/durood Naariyah - Secret powers of salawat / Durood  Naariyah-The Fire

This is best done, by yourself in a room were no one else is in, it should be the last pray you do before you sleep and one must sleep in Wudu. Good nights to practice this are Thursday night or Sunday Night. One can start it on any night but its know that the Souls are released on the Thursday nights, keep this up for 3 nights up 40 nights.

The brothers and sisters that have tried it were given results within 3 nights that I give this method. Also below is a longer version that can be used as well.

Then go to sleep on your right hand side speak to no one, if problems of sleep come over you then say dua ya `ibad-Allah aghi-thuni (O Servants of Allah Help Me) - with hope of guidance of your Shaykh or the Ghawth of this time. One can say it aloud until sleeps overcomes them.

Note: There is a longer version of the Dua that i've made that some may like to use also which goes;

5. Make Dua
Bismi'llahir-Rahmanir-Rahim wa hamdu-illahi rabbil ‘alameen. wa la hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil-'Aliyyil-'Azim. Allahmma Ya Allah

bi-hurmati Rasul-lillah (salla 'llahu ‘alai-hi wa sallam sala ) Ya Hadhrat Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali Karam wajuh.

bi-hurmati Ya Sahabah-ikram wa Ahli-Bayt wa ya Uwais Qarni wa ya Ta' bieen wa ya Tab-Ta' bieen.

( for the sake of all of companions, Prophets family peace be upon them, the Spiritual lover Uwais Qarni, the followers and followers of the followers referencing to the first 3 generation of Muslims)

ya nuqabu wa ya nujabu wa Ya ruqaba wa ya budalu wa ya aqtabu wa ya Ghawthu, Aghi-thu-ni bi-hurmati Sayyiduna Muahammad salla 'llahu 'alai-hi wa sallam Ya Rasul-lillahi Unzur Halana Ya Habib-allahi ‘isma Qalana

( 1 st are the Ranks of the Elite of Wali O presidents, O noblemen, O overseers , O mainstays, O Cardinal Pole Help Me, assistance me for the sake the our Master Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him and again more pleas for help to the Rasul the Beloved)

ya Ghawthul-A'zamu aghith-ni fi kulli ahwali wansur-ni fi kulli amali wa taqallab-ni fi tariqi-ka
O Supreme Helper, help me in all my states, and support me in all my hopes, and direct me in your path

bi-hurmati jaddi-ka Muhammadin (salla 'llahu ‘alai-hi wa sallam)
in honor of your forefather Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace)

wa bi-shifa'ati-hi wa ruhi-hi wa sirrih.
and through his intercession, his spirit and his innermost being.

wa salla 'llahu ‘ala sayyidi-na Muhammadin wa ‘ala ali-hi wa sahbi-hi wa sallam.
May Allah bless our master Muhammad and his family and his Companions, and may He grant them peace.

O Allah for their Sake I send this thawab-reward as Hadiyah-Gift upon them. Help me for the sake of all their ibadah for you, Ya Shaykh Muhiyudeen Abdal-Qadir Jilani I turn to you for Spiritaul gudiance in finding my Spiritual Shaykh please help me. by the secret of Surah Fatiha ( recite Surah Fatiha here)

Ya Mujeebu - Ya Mujeebu - Ya Mujeebu Ya –O Allah O responder

Note the Longer Dua is taken from two other sources one is from Plea for Help [al-Isti'ana] from The names of our master, ‘Abd al- Qadir al-Gilani and the other is from the manner of Shaikh 'Abdal- Qadir Salaam to the Men of the Unseen. the other Duas are the Sufic Dua's to say when Travelling that may be of interest and have much barakah in them when on a Journey.


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