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MarryMuslims.co.uk is our New serivce

This is only aimed at practising Muslim brothers and sisters in the UK(non-UK Muslims may apply). Who are sunni Muslims, or part of a Sufi Tariqah. Understand that all Sunni Muslims are not part of Sufi paths but ALL Sufis are Sunni Muslims.

And so many traditional Practising Sunni Muslims who are inclined to the spiritual dimension of Islam, known as Sufi Tariqah are now finding people of the same nature hard to find. In'shallah this form will be an aid to help build a profile to help you to find your partner. Also we will advise you with some simple Na'siha- Advice this will give you more of an Islamic perspective of marriage, in Islam via Books and cassettes that can be obtained .i.e Have you learnt the rules of marriage life..? what are rights of a wife or husband. You must learn these first, before marriage, If you are looking for success.

People say I want to get married but are you prepared for marriage, stop and reflect on this.Marriage is half the Deen. That's a big thing, so here are some factors to consider; marriage isn't about you its about a family. Its also uniting two families, so a third one blossoms new fruits. Which is yours inshallah. Think about all the people it will affect not just you and her but the other families as well. The fact she your wife to be will have to leave home, and may have to relocated with you, do you have the means to support your wife, are you planning to make a servant for your parents or yourself that's going to do all the housework is that what your after.? Are you going to let her study or work once married. As for her she needs to learn to be very grateful for what you can provide her with. A few lessons to think about in Marriage.

Note: Also attach your pictures if possible, the problem with pictures is some people are photogenic and others are not. All information given will be kept confidential and will regarded as amana-trust. And whoever breaks a Amana-trust given to them follows under Nifaq- Hypocrite, may Allah protect us from them that. Why are photos needed, in kitabul Nikah it says, that a Sahabah wanted to get married and was asked did you see her face, he said No!, then go you must see her face…..

Why it this, looking at someone so important.? Generally the first thing people do, is to see if they find the other person attractive (sexually) meaning will there any chemistry between you two. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, simply- so what I think is pretty you may not. This may not even apply so some people, they will say well I'm after someone and looks are not an issue.

MarryMuslims.co.uk is our New Dedicated serivce
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How does it work once you've fill the form in..?
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