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Tariqah Al-Qadiri Al Boutchichi links

Tariqa-org-Qadiri English
Sufiway.net -
sidihamza.us Forum
Arif billah Sh. Sidi Hamza al-Qadiri Boutchich

Sufi London Meditation blogspot - new

Free Islamicposters.co.uk -the posters are designed totally FREE - Fisabilillah

Dawah NetWork.com UK Based- Dawah CD plus others

Aisha's Bewleys Maliki page -UK
A MUST Naqshbandi Videos FREE Downloadable
Rumi.org UK
The Islamic Information Centre - Bristol
The New Granada mosque.com
Digitaldawa-UK-Affordable prices Record Islamic Events
Mohaddis-e-Azam Wordwide Mission-QADERIA-E-ASHRAFIA
Faizan-e-Islam - Shaykh Ghulam Rabbani -UK
The Revival UK
The Norwich Academy for Muslims - Activities
Ta-Ha Publishers Ltd
Halaqah - UK
The Islamic Texts Society
SHARIB PRESS -Zahuri Sufi Web Site
Islam in wales
Muslim Directory
Publishers of quality books

-Reading & writing and learning Qur'anic Arabic
Ulf Aid - Sunni Charity parton Shaykh Ahmed Babikr UK

Some Resources that may be Useful Forums

1. YaNabi Forum Great Sunni Forum
2. SunniPort Forum Great Sunni Forum
3. The Revival Forum
4. salaam- UK Forum
5. Young Muslims UK Forum
6. Islamic Philosophy Forum -Great Sufi Site
7. Ummah.com forum UK
8.Comparative-religion forum UK

Mailing Groups
Aisha Bewley's
DeenIslam - sadaqah Group
The Haba'ib of Sayyids of Yemen Groups


Sunni Publications/infomation
Green Dome International Ltd
203 Radford Road, Hyson Green,Nottingham, NG7 5GT, TEL:- 0115-9117-225, Email shahid@prima.net ,They sell a wide range of Good

Sunni Books
Islamic Book Club
49 Milkstone Road, Rochdale,Lancashire , OL11 1EB, Tel:-01706-350-140 Email:- islamicbookculb@compuserve.com Website :- http://www.islamicbookclub.com/They have a large catalogue to order from

Idara Miahaj-ul-Quran
Muslim Youth League, 294 Romford, Forest Green, ,London, E79 HD, TEL 0181-257-1786/7, Webpage http://www.minhaj.org/ http://www.btinternet.com/~idara/z.htm UK site. The shop sells books, cassettes, etc….

Their magazine isAl-Minhaj, For more details email:- azaad1@hotmail.com or go to their webpage

For the official Newsletter of Muslim League email:- abid@abid1force9.co.uk or tel:- 0161-287-2819

Sirat ul Muslimin
In association with
Ahel Sunnat Wal Jammat
(south London ), PO BOX 4281, London, SW18 1EF

No charge for the Magazine (its Free ) has no advertisements and no photographs that take a lot of space.

Dar-ul-Uloom al-Islamia Ghamkolvia
107-113 Golden hillock Road,Small Heath, Birmingham, B10 0DP, TEL O121-772-1439

Their publications are;

  1. shirk or Tauheed
  2. the Permissibility of proclaiming Ya Rasulallah (PBUH)
  3. Nur-e-Muhammadi (PBUH)
  4. In Defense of at-Tawassul

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Sufi Webmaster / Instructor, Herbalist and Healing Therapist
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and its through Spiritual Love we are helping to heal broken souls and hearts

If you suffer from any physical pain or emotional issues and need help
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