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Sufi Synergy Healing


Noah's Ark and Ubar - The Lost City Iram of the lofty pillars (surah Fajr)
EVOLUTION DECEIT - INTRODUCTION TO The greatest fraud in the history is unveiled
The Scientific Collapse of The Theory of Evolution and Ideological Background of The Theory
The greatest fraud in the history is unveiled
Numerous books and booklets by HARUN YAHYA BOOKS, VIDEOS AND CD's,
SCIENCE AND ISLAM more than 900 verses in the Holy Quran, related to scientific discoveries
It is the Truth : The scientific miracles of Qur'an

Comparative Religious Studies "Do not hate your enemy for he may one day become your friend"
Letter to Non-Muslims
Why the term "Allah" is used instead of "God"
Why investigate Islam?
The answers to claims of contradictions in the Quran
PROPHET MUHAMMAD Sal-lallahu-alayhim-wasallim IN the BIBLE

Shaam-il Tirmidhi An excellent collection of Ahadith pertaining the Adab, features, characteristics, and virtues of Sayyidina wa Maulana Muhammad, Sall Allahu alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallim.
Shaam-il Tirmidhi 1 Sunni site
Shaam-il Tirmidhi 2 Deobandi site
Shaam-il Tirmidhi 3 -sunni site
Shamaa-il Tirmidhi with Commentary online to buy
Special Eid Milad Un Nabiyy pbuh Edition


Living Islam - Shaykh Dr G.F Haddad -articles
Imam Ghazali's (Ihya Ulum al-Din) Site Revival of the Religions Sciences
NUR-MUHAMMAD -Naqshbandi Mubeen Powerful Sufi context
Muslims of the Americas site Ahlul-Bayt Site -100% Sunni site
Muslims of the Americas site -Sufi tariqah
Links of Qaderia-E-Ashrafia and other links and Articles
Sufi Commentry of Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri
Links to Traditional Islamic Resources and Information
Naqshbandi Foundation for Islamic Education
First Site of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) on the Internet
Islamic Studies Page of Professor Abdul Haqq Godlas
Aouliya Foundation
AlHidaya - Khani's Homepage
Zawaj.com/ -US -Islamic Marrige services
Pure Nikah -UK Islamic Marrige services
Imam Ahmed Raza Academy Home Page
AICP Islamic Multimedia Site HOMEPAGE
Naqshbandi Sufi Way
Naqshbandiya Foundation For Islamic Education-Nife links

Iqra Homepage
Ba-Alawi Homepage
As-Sunnah Of America - ASFA
Advice For Muslims
Sunni Muslim Links
Sufi Web Sites
Sufi-related Resources on the Internet
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)'s Companions about Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him's Companions.
Jamiatul Ulama (kwazulu-natal)
Sunnah Organization Home Page
Salim's Ahlissunnah wal Jama'ah page - with many Alawi Tariqah links
Chisti Order of South Africa
Bawa Muhayiaddeen Fellowship
Signs of Qiyamah and more
Large Sufi Book Collection & CD's
Yusuf Smith's Islamic weblogging portal
Internet Medieval SourceBook - Islamic Section
Internet Islamic History Sourcebook
The Islamic world to 1600

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