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Jinns-  Watch out Jinn attack!

Watch jinn attack

A few years ago my brother and h is friend came back home from university and were in a state of slight shock and told me what happened - let me explain . They told me this . 'I'm about to go to sleep and then suddenly something held me down and shook the bed and me . I tried in vein to move but couldn't , and now fully conscious I tried again and I was finally released. After overcoming the shock I went down stairs to go to sleep'. I described to him his bedroom . H e was stunned and asked how I knew that. Anyway the same thing happen ed to h is friend the same night. Now as to this bedroom , it had poster all the way around the room and these pictures had people (faces) on them - this was the description that I gave.

The reason why I knew this was, when a person goes to sleep, the angels on their shoulders leave them and go to Allah taala to make a report on how they spent their day. Therefore, temporarily there are no angels guarding you only until new ones come down, but pictures make angles shy to come into ones house, so they are away for longer th a n they have to be and don't come to protect you in time. Consequently this gives Jinn's the opportunity to Posses bodies. And this is one of the reason s why they were visited by these beings.

Jinn's at our Dhikr

We were asked to do Dhikr at someone's house ; the Dhikr [the Dhikr is from the Qadiri Tariqah ] is performed with the lights off, now in t his particular room it was pitch black . While the Dhikr was in full flow someone walked out of the room but as it was dark, you could only hear gentle footsteps . Furthermore , you could hear a child's voice reciting the Dhikr as well. Just as this had happen the Dhikr had come to an end, the lights came on and everyone looked towards me and said "oh, S aj, you're still here, so who walked out then and Imran why were you making a child's voice and reciting the Dhikr?” I asked, "what are you all talking about I haven't moved from here nor have I heard any child's voice" but they all did […mmm] how strange! Then I think, Kamran said , “ I t had to be jinn's."

Now I'm a bit scared and I have to go downstairs and get the food for the Khatam - [blessing of the food]. So I go down stairs saying the Adhan - [the call for prayer] because the three sounds the devil hates are: - the Adhan, the Holy Qur'an being recited, and the call of the rooster, it drives them mad and then they run away. After the landlord c a me in and I enquired as to what activities had taken place in the house i.e. [what haram going's on] he told me much haram has been going on and to why I'm asking him and I tell him about the jinn's.

Jinn in bedroom

A friend of mine made a complaint to me ; she said I'm scared to go into my bedroom . W ould I come to her house and in her bedroom and read some Du'as ? I said to her ‘Mmm. My dear the reason why they are there is your very beauty and due to your very long straight hair' - she is about 5.6 and her hair goes all the way down to her hips . Because of this Jinns get sexual turned on, by beauty of long hair, as they are hairy beings themselves.

‘Also I don't want your farther chasing me out of your house, I like my neck were it is, thank you ! ' S he replied 'Please, even the beds are physically moving off the ground and you can see something moving i n the bed . I thought it was my nephew first, but then realised it was something else, please do something . ' I then gave some Verses of The Qur'an to read the end ones Aytual Kursi and verses of end verse of Barakah. The next time I saw her she said 'it worked.'


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