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Killing 100 – Entering Jannah?-Never  Despair in the Mercy of Allah

'When Allah completed the creation, He wrote in His Book which is with Him on His Throne, 'My Mercy overpowers My Anger.'

Know the one story of the one that killed 100 men, its long so this is the short verse, he killed 100 men and asked for forgiveness, was told by a wise sage to go a place there he will find Allah’s Mercy. But on his way he died, the angels came down to take his soul but they started to quarrel one says Jannah-(Heaven) the other saying Jahannam-(fire).

So they asked Allah. So Our Lord said, measure from were he came from to were he was going if its more than half-way enter into Heaven it its less than half-way enter him into Hell.  So to two angel do so and they found he was only one step more than half way.  So he entered Heaven .

Question did he do the act of forgiveness Answers NO?. he ONLY had the Intention for seeking forgiveness. 
Remember you’ll be judged on your Intention not your Actions and you’re a Muslim until your last breath and even then Shaytan can come and put whispers into your heart and you could die in Kufr in your Last Breath in though you lived as a good Muslim.

Important note: Only Muslims will go  into Jahannam, which is the lest of hells fires, the Kafirs will go into Nar-Hellfires, which is much more intents and more painful, Also the size of man will be that of Adam. 60 feet tall.

The secret of the story is Allah ordered the Earth to became shorter for the killer, so he could show his Mercy to him.

Always have a high opinion of Allah, and Allah will have a High opinion you. Never say about someone, ‘O Allah will never forgive him, because he did this or that’.

That statement is enough to put you into hell. Or to saying about yourself, ‘I’ve done so many Haram actions and bad sins Allah will never forgive me’.

Because Now you questioning the Mercy of Allah and its only this to give, the Most Generosity One, Most Merciful one Most Graciousness. So control ones Tongues about Allah Mercy.

And if you think Allah is not Merciful he will not show his Mercy to you. ‘I treat my slave the way he thinks of me’, or something like that.

Remember what the Quran saysDon’t give up/despair from the Mercy of Allah.
Just reflect on the above story of the Killer, and how Allah forgive him, and ask yourself what are my sins to his, he never asked forgiveness, but only had the intention, I’m pleading to my Lord Allahumma-O Allah, forgive me, do it with Sincere-ness and regret. In’shallah Allah will forgiven all sins Big or small (sex before marriage, gambling, Killing, stealing not praying, …) but its up to you to ask for this Mercy.

Note: Allah says ‘I Don’t get tried of forgiving you my slave, you get tried asking of my forgivingness. More something to those words.

There are other stories I know about Allah Mercy, but I don’t want bore you too much, its enough to know the wisdom in them to encourage people never to have a bad opinion of people and be too judgemental and mainly I use them to encourage people to Pray, its never too late to Pray Salat to Allah even if you've left it for 20-40 years.

There is famous story of people going into Hell but stop and say ‘O Allah you say your Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem, by these forgive me’, and they will enter Jannah.

The 100 Levels of Allah Almighty's Mercy

Verily, there are one hundred (parts of) mercy for Allah, and it is one part of this mercy by virtue of which there is mutual love between the people and ninety-nine reserved for the Day of Resurrection.

So we can only see 1/100th of Allah Mercy on Earth but on the day of Judgment we will see 100 Parts of his Mercy. We read every  Bis-millah-nir-Rahman nir-Raheem. 112 in the Quran it is Mentioned. Rahman is for this World. Raheem is for the Next World.

'Allah will not be Merciful to those who are not Merciful to mankind’ So as Muslims  we need to always be polite, humble, patient, loving and well mannered when he/she deals with others, whether they were Muslims or non-Muslims

Yours Muhammad Sajad Ali

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