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Wait 40 years in presence of Allah

Stand on the run-way pray rug, and say Takbir! And we are take-of in the air flying to the grace of Allah taala, as we go into Sajdah- prostration, do we arrive at the presence of Allah taala, as our intellect, our head goes down, into prostration this is a sign of the most humblest act any human can do, the area of prostration, were your head physically touches the ground back to the area of sitting down is the Presence of Allah. Never walk into the area otherwise you will break the person pray.

Iwas said if you could see what was in front of a person who prayer. You would wait Patiently for 40 years.

But what if you need to walk pass someone praying, the best thing to do, se before to pray put a barrier in front of were you prostrate, like a tasbih, shoe, watch, clothing anything. This makes a small wall then anyway can walk pass without breaking your pray.

What if nothing things there and someone needs to walk pass, in my bedroom were I pray is right next to the door, because that's were Qiblah is, and if my wife needs to get pass and go to other room she just throws something just in front of me like her scarf, so she can walk, without showing bad manners to my pray.

So the difference is walking pass through the area in were the forehead touches the ground breaks the pray, but walking pass the area in-front or ahead of were the head goes is bad manners.

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