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My Cassettes and CD collection 25 September 2002 updated (more to add 22 May 04)


Cassettes                                                                   By Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

1)      Al Isra Wal Miraj

2)      Al-Jihad Why are we a Defeated Ummah?

3)      Al-Quran – The Living Miracle of Islam

4)      American Problems-Islamic Solutions (Part 1+2)

5)      Aqeedah in the Daily Life of a Muslim (Part 1+2)

6)      Aqidah and Iman

7)      Arabic Language, The (P2)

8)      Articles of Faith

9)      Asahaba

10)  Be Great People

11)  Be People who Purify their Tongues

12)  Becoming Human-Beings the Greatest Challenge

13)  Blessings of Ramadan

14)  Breaking the Boundaries of Alienation (Part 1+2)

15)  Building a Moral Society (Part 1+2)

16)  Burdah Recitation and Commentary

17)  Changing a Condition (Part 1+2)

18)  Changing the Perceptions of Reality

19)  Concept of Ihsan

20)  Concept of Nasbihah, The

21)  Dajjal and the New World Order (Part 1+2)

22)  Deen Al-Fitrah (Vol. 1,2+3)

23)  Education of a muslim Child (Part1+2)

24)  Explanation of a Fatwa of Shaikh Murabit Al Haji

25)  Family Life in Islam (Part 1+2)

26)  Family night with Hamza Yusuf

27)  Food for Thought (Part 1,2 +3)

28)  Greatest Teacher, The

29)  Hajj a Journey to the House of God

30)  How the Quran was Revealed and Compiled

31)  Ihya Uloom ud Deen (Part 1+2)

32)  Iman and Ihsan (Part 1+2)

33)  Importance of Surah Mulq and Waqia

34)  In the Footsteps of the Prophet- Peace in Troubled Times

35)  In the Midst of the Dajjal

36)  Insightful Currents in Family and Society

37)  Intellectual Foundation of Islamic Civilisation (Part 1+2)

38)  Islam and Science

39)  Islam and the Unseen

40)  Islamic Education and the - Quranic Viewpoint

41)  Islamic Education and the West African Model

42)  Islamic Education System  (Part1+2)

43)  Islamic Road Map, The (Part 1+2)

44)  Know the Signs of Munafiqun

45)  Lambs to the Slaughter (Part 1+2)

46)  Learning Traditionally in Fez

47)  Life and Character of the Prophet, The

48)  Lives of Men: On Death and Dying, The

49)  Make Firm my Heart

50)  Messenger of Allah, The

51)  On Being Kind to Women and Children

52)  Our Family: an Institution in Crises (Part 1+2)

53)  Peace in the Troubled Times

54)  Pillars of Practice (Part 1+2)

55)  Pre- requisites of a Mujtahid, The (Part 1+2)

56)  Preparation for Ramadan- Forgive Us

57)  Prophet Muhammad: The Best of Creation

58)  Recapturing the Spirit of Islam

59)  Reelection on Surah Najm (Vol.1)

60)  Reviving the Tradition

61)  Science of Shari’ah, the

62)  Secularism (Part 1+2)

63)  Seven Steps of Highly Effective Muslims, The (Part 1+2)

64)  Shariat- The Sacred Law

65)  Signs of the Last Day

66)  Sowing the Seeds of Action-The Last Days (Part 1+2)

67)  Staying on Track (Part 1+2)

68)  Sufficient Advice of Ahmed Zarruq

69)  Sunnah and Bidah- A Panel Discussion

70)  Tafsir of Surah Al-Fatiha

71)  Tafsir of Surah Al-Insan (Vol.1+2)

72)  Tafsir of Surah Najm

73)  Take Care of your Soul

74)  The Four Madhabs

75)  Understanding Islamic Education

76)  Unexamined lives of Islam, The

77)  Western Ailment Islamic Medicine (Part 1+2)

78)  What are we Doing Here?

79)  Whole Seerah Set 



80)        Surah Qaf – The Cave: Whole Set 3 Volumes 32 Cassettes       Shaykh  Hissham Kabbani

81)        Qasasul Anbiya – Whole Set    - 2 Volumes                                 

82)        Satanic Triangle Against Islam (Part 1+2)                             Dr Ahmad Huber

83)        Who needs Madhabs- When we have Quran & Sunnah (Part 1+2)           Nuh Keller

84)        Sufism                                                    Nuh Keller

85)        Islamic Spirituality -                                                           Nuh Keller

86)        Adhab of translation -                                                           Nuh Keller

87)        A place of Tassawaf in the Traditional Islamic Sciences (Part 1+2)           Nuh Keller

88)        The Triology of Musa                                                   Halaqah

89)        Shadows- 1                                                         Halaqah

90)        Money – Shadows 2                                                 Halaqah

91)        Shadows –3                                                         Halaqah

92)        Islam in China                                                         Halaqah

93)        Perished Nations - Haroon Yahya                                      Halaqah

94)        British Muslims                                                   Hakim Murad

95)        Muslim and Christian views of one Another-                      Hakim Murad

96)        Muslim Influence on Europe and the West (Part1+2)                   Hakim Murad

97)        The Methodology of Al-Ghazali-                                    Hakim Murad

98)        Ahsan -                                                                Zahid Shakir

99)        Be the People of the Middle way -                                       Zahid Shakir

100)    The life of this World -                                       Zahid Shakir

101)    Iman 1+2- The foundations of Islam -                          Muhammed Shareef

102)    The Mihaaj of Sheikh Usamah Don Fodio (Part 1+2)

103)    Muslim Theology and Islamic Mysticism

104)    Forgiveness                                                            Shaykh Mohsin Najjar

105)    Relying Upon Allah                                                       Yusuf Islam





Surah Fatiha & Mariyam                                                                             Shaykh  Hissham Kabbani

Varoius Talks                                                                                              Shaykh Habib Jiffery  Ali Yemani

Concept & Reality                                                                                      Shaykh Muhammad Yaqubi

Before the end of time:                                                                                 Shaykh Muhammad Yaqubi

In the spirit of our Blessed                                                                             Shaykh Muhammad Yaqubi

Various talk of the Net                                                                                   Dr Jamal Badawi

Sacrifices of Muslims x2                                                                               Various Speakers                     

Life of the Prophet (pbuh)  Seerah                                                              Yusuf Islam


An-Nawawi’s 40 Hadith Hamza Yusuf

Malcolm X 60’s talks

One CD- computer MP3’s Adullah Adhami – Muharram

Essence pf an Islamic Education – Hakim Murad  

Siraj Wahaj- talks

Jamal Badawi –  40+ talks

Why I became Muslims – Yusuf Islam




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