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Showing Respect to Shaykhs of every Tariqah

Email Reply to a brother Walikum salaam

The reason why I see your Shaykh in my dreams is because I go to many Naqshbandi Dhikrs and show good adab-manners, I've taught many of the brothers and sister in that gathering the adab of Dhikr. As many of them are my friends, I have even bought them into the Tariqah myself - even though I am a Qadiri.

I show the best of Adab to all Tariqahs as the sources is only ONE, the same Nur is connected to every Real Tariqah, that is the Nur of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him.

I've met many Shaykhs in my dreams; spiritually meeting Shaykh Nazim is just one that I have mentioned out of many Shaykhs. I've also mentioned others throughout my Autobiography and will include them in my personal dairy once it is updated . (The main reason why I've not written too much of every single shaykh I've met is because I don't want to get big headed about it, but now people are asking for more events about my life and experiences so for that audience I'm going to put them up soon.)

I've seen shaykh Nazim more times tha n the Mureeds have were I live, Why? Because of my Love of the Ahli-Bayt and the Awilya all of them not one or two here or there or just my Shaykh. No! That shows Disrespect to other Shaykhs and this is the same as disrespecting ones own shaykh.

Why, like I said the source is One,therefore you are only disrespecting the same Light- Nur that your shaykh has and others have it as well. Every shaykh has divine secrets from the light of Muhmmadiyyah peace and blessing be upon him. Some have more than others, thus some are Abdal, Awtad, Qubt, Ghawth.

The point of all this is to show Adab to all Shaykhs of every Tariqah. Then you will be blessed in opening your maqam and be blessed by other Shaykhs as well, and they in return will give you blessings from their Tariqah as well.

Other wise you will just gain in Pride (pride will be explained) and say my shaykh is the only shaykh, and say silly remarks ‘follow our shaykh leave yours, or my shaykh is so powerful'…. and so forth. This is lack of Adab in Tariqah for others a nd it is not benefiting anyone the least be you.

Pride is the root cause of Evil, it is this element that will blind one into thinking he or she is a big Mureed or better like Shaytan who thought he was better.

Tariqah is something that teaches you Humbleness and shows good Adab to All Shaykhs. Pride has elements of Arrogance as well.

But how do you know if you have an element of pride in you ? Simple if you think only I'm right and that's it, and there is no other way but mine, that is Pride. However, to say well maybe I'm mistaken, maybe he/she is better than I am, maybe I can benefit something from them. Maybe they can increase me in this matter a degree higher. This is Tariqah and humbleness. That is Acknowledging you are in need of knowledge-‘Ilm - a nd there are others out there who just know more.

If you understand what I've said, then you will increase in Real knowledge and learn by humbling oneself with Patience. You will also increase in Spiritual Maqam and guard your Pray Salat. As many verses of Quran mention Sabr- Patience and Salat- Salat together.

As the shaykhs say," For every knower, there is one that knows more ."

Yours Muhammad Sajad Ali