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Personal Advise ( Nasiha) - extra recommendations (2)

Get a jar and every day put at lease 1p or more into it and have the intention for Sadaqah, one Dua I say from the Wird of the Shadhiliyyah I think its in the Hizb Fath or Hizb Nasr I think, any way it goes like this, 'Audhbillahi min jaddil-Balah' - O Allah protect me from the struggle of Balah- Balah is problems of every kind from Big to small.

And it says that Sadqah is a Shield from Balah. 70 Problems will attack you everyday, this is the Shield for that (then donate this money once it becomes enough to someone in need or Islamic cause)

But Why everyday because each day is different and one needs a special shield for each day.

Personal hidden note:- If I miss Fajr pray I will double my Intention and try to give double; one for Sadaqah and one for missing the pray. Giving extra Sadaqah I'm wishing Allah tala will take it as compensation. For me sleeping to much and to compensate my soul with extra hasana to make up what I've lost already. As well as doing the pray late.

Why because I remember a story were a Sahabah used foul language and asked the Noble Prophet peace and blessing be upon him, How he could compensate himself. He was told to read, La-e-laha ill-lilah 100 times, because one of its secret is, it increase ones Iman.

Which is Extra Ibadah when one Slips/forgets (Ghafalah) with his Nafs - ego. And Giving Sadaqah is Ibadah. Also I TRY a few extra Astagh-firullahs as well. To balance my self for that day's forgetfulness.

Extra Note: try to give Qurbani - Sacrificing a Goat on Eid at the time of Hajj. Now one can easily send money to Pakistan or other poor counties were ones relatives live, to perform this. The Reward is for Every hair on its body you will be forgiven. Many hairs has a Goat? Millions or Billions. See how easy this reward is for you, his simple Sadaqah!

If you cant do it just have the Intention wishing you could. This is also give you reward remember as always Actions are by Intentions. So its your intention that will be rewarded not the action. Because Munafiquns-hypocrites that do Qurbani, get nothing. As they are too bust showing off there so-called good actions that will only curse them and take them into hell.

Yours Muhammad Sajad Ali



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