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Virtues of reciting the Holy Qur' an, and certain of its Surahs and Verses

Recite the Holy Qur' an for it will come as an intercessor for its reciter on the Day of Judgement.

Allah Ta' ala says "If you anyone find no time for my remembrance and for begging My favours due to remaining engaged in the recitation of the Qur' an , I shall give him more than what I give to all those who beg favours of Me." The superiority of the Word of Allah over all other words is like the superiority of Allah over the entire creation.

One who recites the Qur' an and he is well versed in it ( i.e its recitation), he will be in the company of those angles who are scribes, noble and righteous; and one who falters in the recitation and has to exert himself, gets a double reward.

He who recites in a night one hundred verses, is not written of the unmindful ones. If a bondsman accomplishes the recitation of the Holy Qur' an sixty thousand angels pray on him at that time.

Allah Ta’ala said:" When you read the holy Qur’an, seek Allah’s protection from Satan the rejected one" (16:89) Ao’dhu-billahi-minash-shaytaa-nir-rajeem (I take refuge in Allah from Shaytan, the rejected one) then say Bismillah….. and start reading.

If Almighty Allah opens the locks of your heart, then you would become aware of the marvels, wisdom and knowledge found in the Holy Qur’an, with the result that you would not have to ponder on other sources. Because whatever there is, found in its pages, as the Almighty says in the Holy Qur’an:" Nothing have we omitted from the Book" (Surah Anam Verse 38).

There is no such thing in the Universe but, it is found in the Book of Allah Ta’ala.

S’ad bin Ubadh may Allah Ta’ala be pleased with him reports that the Messenger of Allah Ta’ala, peace and blessings be upon Him said:" One who learns the Holy Qur’an and forgets it(out of carelessness) will meet Allah Ta’ala as a leper." (Mishkat).

Another Hadith, the Messenger of Allah Ta’ala, peace and blessings be upon him said:" The sins of my Ummah-(nation) were presented before me, but no sin was graver then the one that, forgot a Sunnah or ayah after learning it."!!!

Emphasis have been put on with black dots as these need be read daily, if possible as du’as, guidance, mercy, forgiveness and to obtain you needs and desires(Halal never pray for haram needs or desires) Insahallah. Especially the Faatiha it can be read for anything and everything. Surah Waqi’a for provision, Surah Mulk should be memorised off by heart, from grave punishment, Ayatul-Kursi is from protection from jinns, shaytan and evil. Further details of these Surah and more will now follow.

The Excellence of Surah Fatiha

The Surah Fatiha is the greatest and most virtuous Surah of the Holy Qur' an; it consists of the Sab'a mathaani (seven verses which are which are repeatedly recited) and it Surah Faatihah represents the Grand Holy Qur' an.!The Opening of the Book is a cure from every disease.!!!It has come down to us that it is equal to two-thirds of the Holy Qur’an. Were the Faatiha to be put in one balance of the scales and the Holy Qur’an in the other, the Faatiha would outweigh the rest seven times.

This Surah is a spiritual ascension (miraj) for the worshippers.

When thou art seeking sustenance and achievement of thy purpose from slaves and free men and the speedy possession of what thou desirest, then be at rest from fears complaints. For in Faatihatul-kitab lies secrets of secrets for obtaining what is hoped for. Perverse, then, in the study of it at all times; and in the morning, at noon, afternoon, and the sunsets prayer daily recite it ninety times completed by ten more ( I’ve understood that to mean one hundred times) And thou shalt gain what thou wilt of respect and might, of awe-inspiring greatness and exalted power. (Al-Ghazali).

O Allah hear our prayer and accept us by the mystery of the Faaitha (and the worshippers shall recite it, then raise they hands on high and say) I ask forgiveness of Allah-( Astagh-firullah) [devotions after the prayer-rite( salat-namaz)]

The Excellence of Surah Baqarah ( 2)

The shaytan runs away from the house wherein Surah Baqarah is recited.Recite Surah Baqarah for its recitation is a source of blessings and its forsaking is a source of regret and only useless people are unable to recite it.

Everything has a hump and the hump of the Qur' an is Surah Baqarah.

The Last two verses of Surah Baqarah (2 : 285-286)

Reciting from Aa-ma-nar Rasul-lu… till the end of the Surah will prevent shaytan from coming even near one's house.Allah has completed the Surah Baqarah with such two verses that have been given to me from the treasures kept beneath the Throne; so learn them and teach them to your wives and children for they are a source of mercy, a form of recitation and prayers.

From Ibn Abbas (RA) He said: While Gabriel was sitting with Rasulullah sallahu-alayhi-wasallam he heard a voice from above, and raised his head. Then he said, "That is the door of heaven, opened today, which was never opened before". And an angel descended from it, and he said," That is an angel come down to earth who never came down before." And he gave a greeting and said," Receive good news of two lights brought to you, which never before brought to a Prophet, Fatihtul-kitab and the last verses(khawatim) of Surahtul-Baqarah; of these thou shalt never recite a single letter without being granted thy request".

The Excellence of Aayaatul - Kursi ( Baqarah 2 : 255)!!!

Aayatul - Kursi is the greatest verse of the Qur' an.Its is the leader of the verses of the Qur' an.If Aaytul - Kursi is blown on yourself shayaan or jinns alike will not dare come near you.

Ibn as-suna traced a Tradition-( Hadith) from Ail may Allah Ta' ala, ennoble his face said; Rasualullah sallallau-alayhi-wasallam " That Faatihatul-Kitab and the Throne-verse and Al-Imran Verses (3:18-19a) [18 starts with- Shahidallahu annah] and [19a is- innad-deena-' in-dall-hil lslam] and (3: 26-27) [ 26-27 starts from Qul-lilla-humma-malikal-mulki... to the end of bi-gheera-hisaaba] are hung upon the Throne; between them and Allah there is no veil... And Allah Most High Said, " I have sworn that none of my servants shall recite you after every prayer-rite without my making Paradise his placing him in the enclosure of holiness; and without my glancing at him with my eye of mystery, seventy glances every day; and without my supplying for him daily, seventy needs, the least of them forgiveness; and without my sheltering him from every enemy and giving him victory.

The Excellence of Surah An' aam ( 6 )

It has mentioned that when Surah An' aam was revealed, Rasulullah - Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam said" Al-Hadulillah" and then he said " By Allah, so many angles came to convey this Surah that the corners of the heavens became covered with their great numbers.

The Excellence of Surah Kahf ( 18 )

Whoever recites it on the eve of Jum' ah, it will provide a Nur-(lights) for him from one Jumu' ah till the following Jum'ah.Whoever recites the last ten verses of Suratal kahf, and if Dajjaal-(anti-christ) happens to reveal himself ( during the reciter's life time), he will have no influence on him (the reciter). According to another the words the first ten verses is mentioned. According to one riwayah the words whoever commits to memory ten verses of Surah Kahf is mentioned. According to one riwayah the words first three verses is also mentioned.

That who recites the last five verses of Surah Kahf, at his sleep time, Allah will wake him any time of the night.

The excellence of Aytul-Kreema (21: 87)

The prayer of Distress La-e-la-haa-ill anta subhaanaka innee kuntu mi-naz-zali-meen (There is no god except thee. Glory be to thee. Verily I am from those who have wrong themselves.) The Messenger of Allah peace and blessings be upon him, said : "Zuh-nun ( Prophet Yunus ) while in he was in the stomach of the fish/ whale said this (as mentioned above). Any distressed Muslim who utters these words shall surely be relieved of this distress".

The excellence of Surah Nur (24)

In it verse (35): 'Allah is the light of Heavens and the earth,' the parable of His light and its blessings, that the believer will look by the light of Allah.

The excellence of Surah Ya-Sin ( 36 )

Everything has a heart and the heart of theHoly Qur' an is Ya-Sin. That who recites, Allah will count for him with its recitation , Ten times the recitation of the Holy Qur' an.Rasualullah sallallau-alayhi-wasallam said " that who recites it at the outset of the day, and he presents it before performing his need, then it is done for him."Recite Surah Yaseen (morning and evening ) especially when in the presence of someone in his dying moments or after he has died, for it is mentioned in the Hadeeth that Surah Ya-Sin is the heart of the Qur' an and anyone who recites it for the pleasure of Allah and for the (reward of) the hereafter, Allah will forgive him, and (also) read it in the presence of a dying person.

This is the du’a of Mid-Shab’an. Begin after the sunset prayers by reciting Ya-Sin three times, the first with the intention of long life, the second with the intention of warding off calamity, and the third with the intention of averting dependence other then men. Another riwayah-(narration) is between Magrib and Isha’ prayer; the first to be read with the intention of raising one’s maqam(station) the second with the intention of rizq (provision) the third with the intention of protection from enemies.

The excellence of Surah Fath ( 48 )

Rasuallullah sallahu-alayhi-wasallam said that Surah Fath is most beloved to him from among all the things upon which the sun rises.

The excellence of Surah Rahman (55)

Rasualullah sallallau-alayhi-wasallam said: "For every thing a bride and the bride of the Holy Qur' an is the Most Forgiving Surah.

The excellence of Surah Waqi' a (56)

Rasualullah sallallau-alayhi-wasallam said : " That who recites Al-Waqi' a Surah during the night then poverty will ever strike him.!

The Excellence verses of Surah Hashr ( 59: 22-24 )

whoever reads this in the morning, seventy thousand angels shall seek forgiveness for him till the evening and whoever so reads it in the evening then seventy thousand angels shall seek forgiveness for him till the morning and if he passes away then his death shall be recorded as that of a martyr.

The Excellence of Surah Mulk ( 67 ) !!!

According to one hadeeth Rasulullah sallallau-alayhiwasallam said " It is my desire that Suratal-Mulk should be in the heart of every Mu'min-(believer) ".!!! ( That is commit to memory, to learn off-by-heart.) Accordingly to one hadeeth when punishment is given to a person in the grave from the legs, they (the legs) say : " you may not punish him for he used to recite Surahtal-mulk through me ( i.e by standing in Salaah and reciting it); then when punishment is given out to him through his chest, stomach and head each of them say: " you may not punish him for he used to recited Surahtal-Mulk through me." Hence this Surah saves him from the punishment of the grave.!!! The virtue of this Surah is mentioned in the Tauraah as well. anyone who recites it in the night, he has accomplished a great deal and has excelled.!

The excellence of Surah Qadr (97)

According to the Hadeeth , Surah Qadr is equivalent to an quarter of the Qur' an.

The excellence of Surah Zilzaal ( 99 )

According to one Hadeeth this Surah is equivalent to an Quarter of the Qur'an and according to another, it is equivalent to half of the Qur' an.

According to one hadeeth a Sahabi (RA) asked Rasualullah sallallau-alayhi-wasallam "O Messenger of Allah , show me a (concise) Surah of Qur' an which is comprehensive and which I may recite constancy", Rasualullah sallallau-alayhi-wasallam Mentioned Surah Zilzaal. The Sahabi (RA) said : "By Him who has sent as a Rasul, I will never recite much more than this." Saying this, he departed. Upon this Rasualullah sallallau-alayhi-wasallam said twice: " This poor person has attained salvation! This poor person has attained salvation!"

The excellence of Kaafirun ( 109 )

According to a Hadeeth , Suratal-Kaafirun is equivalent to a quarter of the Qur' an. According to the Hadeeth , there are two Surahs which are excellent, and which are recited in the two Rak' aat (Sunnah) before ( the Fard of) Fajr : Kaafirun and Ikhlaas.

The Excellence of Suratun Nasr ( 110 )

According to the Hadeeth , Suratun Nasr is equivalent to an quarter of the Qur' an.

The Excellence of Suratal-Ikhlaas ( 112 )

According to the Hadeeth, Suratal-Ikhalaas is equivalent to a third of the Qur' an.

The excellence of Suratal-Falaq ( 113 ) and Surtun-Nas ( 114 )

Mu' aw-wazatain as it is also called, is used to invoke Allah's protection against the mischief of jinn and the evil gaze (nazr) of men.

According to the Hadeeth no one ever begged of Allah with the likeness of these Surahs and no one ever sought refuge in Allah with the likeness of these two Surahs. According to one riwayah recites these two when you go to sleep and when you wake up.

Rasualullah sallallau-alayhi-wasallam is reported to have said: Recite Qul A' oozu bi-rabbil falaq , for you are unable to recite any other Surah which is very much loved and speedily accepted by Allah as this Surah. Thus as far as you can help it, do not forsake it."

- From Al-Hisnul Haseen by Allamah Muhammed Al-Jazri - From The Gainful Invocation of Hadith and the Holy Qur’an by Ahmed Abdul Jawad. - Muslim Devotions - A Study of Prayer-manuals in Common Use.- Taqbaate Kubra by Sayed Ibraheem Dasuti(RA).

- What Happens After Death by Maulana Ashiq llahi.

On Reciting the Qur' an From The Book of Assistance
by Imam Abdallah Ibn Alawi Al-Haddad

You must have a wird ( any repeated devotional act), of the Mighty Book to be read every day. The least you should do is read one juz' (one thirtieth of the Qur' an ), so that you complete it once month, and the most is to complete to every three days.

Know that great merit attaches to reciting the Qur' an, and an influence in illuminating the heart. The Messenger of Allah, may blessings and peace be upon him, has said : " The best of my nation's devotions is the recitation of the Qur' an". And Ali may Allah ennoble hid face, has said:" The one who recites the Qur'an while standing in prayer receives one hundred rewards for each letter; the one who recites it outside the prayer but in a state of ritual purity receives twenty-five rewards for each letter; and the one who recites it without ritual purity receives ten rewards for each letter."

Beware of concentrating , while reciting, on reciting a large amount to the exclusion of reflection and correct recitation. You must reflect and comprehend while you recite; slow, melodious recitation will assist you in this. Feel in your heart the Magnitude of the Speaker ( Transcendent and Exalted is He!) and that you are before Him, reciting His Book to Him, in which He addresses His commands, prohibitions, counsels and exhortations to you. When reading verses on unification and glorification be full of reverence and awe, when reading verses of promises and threats be full of hopeful expectation and apprehension, and when reading the commands and prohibitions be thankful, acknowledge your shortcomings, ask for forgiveness and determine to show ardour.

Know that the Qur' an is the ocean where from the jewels of knowledge and the treasures of understanding are extracted. Any believer who is grant the way to understand it, his Opening ( fath; Victory in a general sense. The same word can be used for the conquest of a city, the dispelling of hardships, achievement of success in any endeavour, and the unveiling of the Eye of the heart so that it begins to perceive the Unseen; it is usually in this latter sense that the term is used in sufi texts), becomes permanent, his light complete, his knowledge vast, and he never tires of reading it night and day, for he found therein his goal and his purpose. This is the quality of the sincere seeker. Shaykh Abu Madyan, may Allah me pleased with him, has said: " A seeker is not a seeker until he is able to find in the Qur' an everything that he desires."

Be careful to read those suras and verses which are recommended in the sunna at particular times ; for examples al-Sajda; The Prostration [ 32 ], al-Mulk; The kingdom [67 ], al-Waqi' a; The Event [ 56 ], and the last two verses of al-Baqara; the Heifer [2], every night before going to sleep. al-Dukan; The Smoke [ 44 ], on Sunday and Thursday evenings, and al-Kahf; The Cave [ 18 ], on Thursday night and Friday. Read if you can, the Seven Saving Ones every night they are; al-Sajda ,YA-SIN[ 36 ], al-Dukhan [ 44 ], al-Waqi'a [ 56 ], al-Hasher [ 59 ], al-Mulk [67 ], And Insan; Man[ 76 ].for their merit is great. Also morning and evening the first few verses of suratal-Hadid; The Iron [ 57 ], the last few verses of suratal-Hasher; The Gathering [59], sura Ikhlas[112], three times and the two refuge-taking suras al-Falaq & al-Nas [114,113] three times each; similarly, al-Ikhlas and he last two suras of the Qur' an together with the al-Kursi verse; The Foot stool [ 2:255 ], and suratal-Kafirun;The Disbelieves [109], immediately before going to sleep, making these the last thing that you utter.

And Allah Ta’ala says the truth, and He guides to the way.

The compiler of this just asks you to read Surah Faatiha for him as, a means of gratitude, guidance’s, forgiveness, strength and to produce more work for the Muslims, Jihad-fee-sabelillah.

Wamaa-tawfiqi-illa-billah and success in my task is from Allah Ta’ala.

Compiled by Muhammad Sajad Ali

Ahl Al-Sunna Wa al-Jamma’a anything else just isn’t Isalm!