The importance of being connected to a living Sufi Master-
Guiding Shaykh- waliyyan murshida


The importance of being connected to a living Sufi Master- a Guiding Shaykh- waliyyan murshida

Reading any sufic text, one is suddenly opening the spiritual door and starts journeying the path to spiritual openings such as dreams (Dreams 1/46th is (wahy- revelation) a true dream) and self awareness, insight, discernment, knowing haqq-the truth from batil-false, Inspiration (basirah-seeing with the inner eye of the heart, Firasa- seeing with Nur of Allah,  Ilham (Inspiration of the heart ) and  the goal should be to purify the heart.  “Indeed he succeeds who purifies his own self…” 91:9 Quran   

However, the journey or the path to Allah is full of perils or dangers, them being dunya, Nafs, Hawa, Satan who can confuse and fool even the best of us.  What is needed for the Real serious  Salik–Traveller to Allah is a living Sufi master who will open much more  and be more beneficial then just reading for example Dalail khayrat but without a living guiding  Sufi shaykh.

We all need to be connected to a real Sufi master a (‘Arif billah)-knower of  Allah. That will open our innermost secrets and connect us back to the divine Light of Allah, one of the most illuminating Sufi master is the Mujaddid of Sufism of this Time, al Qutb, 'Arif billah Sayyid Sidi Hamza al-Qadiri Budshishi, my Sufi master. 

I have benefited more from him in just a few months then in 15 years from following a previous sufi tariqah, with all the glorious 'Ijazas that I have received over the years put on one side of a scale, which is less than a drop of water compared to the mercy ocean on the other side of scale received from my master who is giving out to those who join the tariqah Al-Qadiri- Budshishiyyah. This tariqah is carrying 100% pure Sirr-Secrets.

Until like most tariqahs today that board on just giving out barakah-blessing to be connected to them, which even I can give out. (But I have humbled myself and surrendered-Islam, to the real power of Sidi Hamza by joining the tariqah in Ramadhan 2007)

My sincere advice is to join the tariqah-the path, but first read and learn about what the path will expect of you, such as reciting everyday a personal daily wird and once a week attending group Wazeef.  Read this link:

The Imam of the time, Qutb, 'Arif billah Sayyid Sidi Hamza al-Qadiri Budshishi 

And if that opens something inside you to read and search more, here is my personal experiences and journey in finding my Guiding Shaykh- waliyyan murshida- Sidi Hamza

My Sufi Journey to Sidi Hamza by Webmaster 1
My Sufi Journey to Sidi Hamza by Webmaster 2
My Sufi Journey to Sidi Hamza by Webmaster 3

Quranic Verses about those who don’t have a Guiding Shaykh- waliyyan murshida
..Whomever GOD guides is the truly guided one, and whomever He sends astray, you will NOT find for him a guiding teacher-waliyyan murshidan. 18.17 quran

Know that it is an obligatory on every Faqir/murid-(the one in need) who seeks the presence of Allah to take the living Shaykh. The proof of this obligation is in the Quran: 'O you who have iman, fear Allah, and be with the truthful ones.' Quran surah tawba 9

Being with them necessitates accompanying them in body, not just in spirit. Also 'Follow the path of whoever turns away from self to Me.' Quran, in this ayat, Allah, orders the walad (beginner/lit. youth) to follow the spiritual father, not the father of form, because the spiritual father teaches the inner meaning and the father of the body teaches you sensory meaning. What a difference there is between the one whose himma-yearning is for the meaning and the one whose himma is for the sensory!

Tradition; 'A man follows the Deen of his friend, so let each of you look to who he takes as a companion.'  So make sure you’re with the right crowd or fuqara-(the ones in need) that is the followers of the shaykh.

Final point; whoever has no Shaykh to direct him will most certainly be directed by shaytan to the path of destruction. Thus the famous sufi saying that Whoever has no shaykh, his shaykh is Satan.’ 

And as for those who don’t have a daily dhikr, one of the Sufis has said ‘whoever has no Wird [daily dhikr] - is a qird [monkey]'.  A wird is a daily dhikr given by the shaykh]

The importance of the baya’, which we gave in pre-eternity to Allah
Bayah Taking Initiation, a covenant (promise) or pledge / oath of allegiance  

The seeker must follow a perfect Master able to guide him to the way of Allah, Almighty and Exalted, and to illuminate for him that way until he reaches the State of fana- Annihilation. The seeker must give his oath and his promise to his guide, to learn from him how to leave his bad manners and to lift himself to better conduct-‘adaab in order to reach the perfect knowledge of spirituality.

"Verily those who swear allegiance to thee indeed swear allegiance to Allah. The hand of Allah is over their hands. So whoever breaks his oath breaks it to his own loss; and whoever fulfills the covenant that he has made with Allah, He will surely give him a great reward." 48:10 Quran

…Obey Allah, obey Prophet(s), and obey those who are in authority 4:59 Quran (people of authority are the shaykhs as they have authority in guiding us)

"And fulfill the Covenant of Allah when you have made it; and break not your oaths after making them firm, while you have made Allah your surety. Certainly, Allah knows what you do."  16:91 Quran

"and fulfill the covenant, for the covenant shall be questioned about." 17:34 – Quran- see below about the covenant

The Qur'an is encouraging the people to give their oath and to keep their oath to the Prophet (s), who leads them to the presence of Allah. And the Sufi masters are continuing this from an unbroken chain-sanad from the Prophet (s)  by  giving Baya’- covenant/oath of allegiance.

In pre-eternity, God asked the spirits: Alastu bi Rabikum  (Am I not your Lord)   7:172 –Quran.  We all answered Balaa.  – Indeed   - thus making a covenant with Allah.  And so a primordial covenant between pre-existent human souls and Allah was made.

Then when we come into this material existence, we forget about pre-eternity and the task of life is to remember our way back to the truth concerning the nature of our essential relationship with God.

Tradition "Men are asleep and when they die they wake up." The Sufis are those people among the fuqara'-(those in need) who begin to wake up and who begin to remember from inside themselves, the cells remember an ancient covenant, an ancient contract, that they made before the creation of the world. When their ruh-soul was asked, Alastu bi-Rabbikum? And we said, "We testify that indeed You are our Lord." That is the beginning of the end of something in the Sufi and something new begins which is always in motion. It is always in movement.

So taking Baya'-covenant/oath of allegiance. you will fulfill that which you did in the world of spirits -'Alam Arwah remember, we all made a covenant - a promise which we need to uphold - but we don’t remember it  because the nature of Dunya is to forget.! The Sufi shaykhs are the tools the means to makes us remember that oath we made with them and Allah on that Day.

That is why one of the names of the Quran is ‘Dhikr-remembrance’ you can only call something remembrance if you first have past/previous Knowledge of it, but later forgot.

It is by our egos-nafs, that we cannot see, as the nafs-ego cover us with 70,000 veils to forget or to be in a sleepy state. The Shaykhs are wide awake and they are here to help us remember the Way-tariqah back to Allah, back to our homeland Jannah-heaven because that’s were we come from, we just forget. 

Thus I hope you may realize now from this that it is of the utmost importance one finds a real Sufi Master to reawaken this spiritual energies to travel home to Jannah. And without energy you can’t move very far so we need the fuel which is the Dhikr-remembrance to make us really move to Allah so we can find a sense of tranquility within us. "...without doubt in the remembrance-Dhikr of Allah do hearts find tranquility." 13:28- Quran

With barakah-blessings we plod along which is ok moving slowly but if you looking for Qurb-closeness to Allah with lighting speed like the buraq- (the animal that moved on the Night journey – Miraj) you need a living shaykh that has the secret to make you move. 

Contact me if you’re looking for that shaykh (the shaykh of Sirr-secrets) that is what our shaykh has and is giving to those who are searching for Allah with lighting speeds.

Sidi Hamza Al-Qadiri Budshishi