My Sufi Journey to the living Qutb of the Time – Sidi Hamza al-Qadiri-Budshishi

by Muhammad Sajad Ali Webmaster

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And this where the journey begins
Note about Hadra as a somatic experience that heals trauma:
Five years ago
Part 1 B
Dreams also five years ago before baya’
Dream of being at  Maqam of Imam Jazulil
Dream  - of Morocco  doing hadra on Hill
Dream in the week my old Shaykh passed away and I went into khalwa- seclusion in the dream
Dream of the different shaykhs
2007 was year that my Mother passed away and full  ‘ijaza of  Naqshbandi-Mujaddid Kareemi 
‘Spiritual depression’
‘The good dream is a forty-sixth part of prophecy’
Salawat nariayh last dua I printed
Salawat naariyah below English with meaning;
Flight of the Phoenix
Spiritual stagnation 
Two Scientific lessons about our bodies and the barakah of  always being positive and increasing with dhikr and not being in the state of spiritual stagnation. 
1. The human body is made up of more than 70% water
2. Scientifically positive words, prayers and thoughts over water affect our molecular structure.
Part 1 C

The search
Protection from the Seventy balah-problems we get a day
Five years later -The National gathering of the Fuqarah in Chesham Aylesbury
Spiritual attention (tawajjuh) of a pious person  or Tasawwur-e- shaykh 
How is tawajjuh Spiritual attention done
Dream of  Sidi Jamal  before the Baya
The Qutb of this Time and the mujjadid - the reviver of Sufism

Coming soon Part two -  A Faqir travelling the path of  Al-Qadiri-Budshishi order

Dreams five years ago before bayyah’-oath of Allegiance to Tariqah Al-Qadiri- Budshishi

I’ve had many dreams but these I will talk about as there are about my journey to the Tariqah Al-Qadiri- Budshishi.

Dream of being at Maqam of Imam Jazulil

The Qutb, Imam Jazuli the author of the Dalail al khayraat and I was given ‘idhn-(permission) to give out the ‘ijaza-(Permission) for all those that want to read the Dalail al khayraat by, the Qutb of Medina Shareef Shaykh Ahmed Zakkariyah Bukhari, When I went to Umra. Now the dream; I remember being invited in a dream at the maqam of Imam Jazulil who is buried in Marrakesh in Morocco and is said to be one of the seven Qutub of Marrakesh blessing the city.

Dream - of Morocco doing hadra on Hill

I think it was within the five year period, it was a very vivid dream I remember the edge of the mountain it was dark and I was leading the hadra and was in the middle having full control of the hadra. This has nothing to do with my current tariqah then, at that time as I was still with a different Shaykh, who just had passed away, so it made no sense at the time as this wasn’t my practice.

Dream in the week my old Shaykh passed away and I went into khalwa- seclusion in the dream

The week my previous Shaykh passed away I had the most powerful experience of my life . I was in Birmingham, I think it was Sunday the time was around Fajr and I went into a strange and weird states then in the dream I was taken into khalwa- (seclusion) by Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi Al Murabit, who is Darqawi/Shadhili.

I woke up and was shaking and shivering and extremely tired, how can you go to sleep and wake up tired that makes no sense I knew the dream was more that just a dream and it felt so real. That same week my shaykh had passed away on Thursday night. I was heart broken and in despair for two reasons one the loss of my Qadiri Shaykh and the other being, I was told that I would be going into khalwa- (seclusion), when I next go to Pakistan to visit the shaykh. This was only in a few months. But Qadr-(destiny) being as such this was not to happen also the following weeks I suffered personal loss of my family and thus it was a ‘year of sorrow’ which I called it, many things happen and changing of states and dreams while I was suffering in my bewilderment and loss.

Dream of the different shaykhs

Many dreams happen to me in the last five years and experiences, recently when Shaykh Habib Kazim Ja‘far Muhammad al-Saqqaf came to Birmingham February 2007 he add the Barakah 'ijaza of the Dalail-ul-Khayrat and also added Qasidah Burdah Shareef, I told him that I knew what this face looked like before I saw him or entered the mosque. Yet I’ve never meet him before and there is no picture of him on the internet or anywhere else that I’ve seen, but some how I recognized his face and knew him from somewhere. So I told him about a dream that I had of Habib Umar and in the dream, Habib Umar asked about my turban as he had seen my green scarf on my right shoulder.

(My green scarf was the same scarf that I wore and gave to Shaykh Muhammad Yaquobi to demonstrate how to wear an ihram for Hajj when he came and delivered this lecture on the Shamail Tirmidhi in Birmingham).

And in a dream recently I was blessed to see grand Shaykh Abdullah Faiz Daghastani (the Shaykh of shaykh Nazim) talking or confirming to Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani about my 'ijaza of the Dalail-ul-Khayrat (which was given to me by The Qutb of Medina Shareef Shaykh Ahmed Zakkariyah Bukhari) and pointing to me and the Noble Beloved Sayyiduna Rasul-lillah peace be upon him was the witness in the dream.

2007 was year that my Mother passed away and full ‘ijaza of Naqshbandi-Mujaddid Kareemi

Part of the problems and pains of this year was my mother who was suffering from twenty years of illness had passed away, one of the inheritors of the Naqshbandi-Mujaddid tariqah came to pay this respects at the khatm-( meaning completion, in this conext, completion of prays for the dead) I informed him about the dream of Shaykh Nazim and Shaykh Daghastani and the witness Sayyiduna Rasul-lillah peace be upon him, after hearing this he gave me his hand and give me the full ‘ijaza of the Naqshbandi-Mujaddid Kareemi tariqah. I still remember the night, we stood in the middle of the road he gave me this hand, when the ‘ijaza was given I remember a spiritual rush from my feet to my head I went into hal-rapture for a moment. Then in the evening to confirm the ‘Ijaza–(permission) I saw the leader of the tariqah Naqshbandi-Mujaddid Kareemi, Pir Naqeeb-ur-Rahman which only confirmed to me my ‘ijaza that was given.

I’ve had many dreams within the last year, that is 2007, and from them I’ve had the feeling in those dreams that many shaykhs are trying to pull me into their tariqahs that’s all I will say about it. 2007 was one of the most difficult periods of my life as I started to have ‘spiritual depression’ I cant think of any else then that to call it and I think this started when my house was broken into via the patio doors and other events too. The breaking of the patio doors was also a breaking of my old Tariqah because in sufism everything connected and a message to be understood, the verses in the Quran are called Ayat meaning signs and these signs are for those who understand them.

‘Spiritual depression’

I don’t know how to begin this or where but I’ll try to begin from my house incident I think, I knew my patio doors would be broken I didn’t know how or why but just knew from my basirah-inner eye,(the eye of the heart) I had a feeling that the doors will break one day soon. We had much trouble with the patio doors, firstly they were fitted in wrongly and so I had to pay someone to pull them out completely and have them fitted in again. Of course their Ajar-(life span) wasn’t to be long, soon after they were broken at this time my heart was broken spiritually.

My duas-prays felt ineffective and useless more and more now, I was getting frustrated and weak that my spiritual state was becoming stagnant, you see the body is made or 70% water and if water doesn’t have movement and flow it becomes stagnant- and stagnant water breeds gems and sickness and this is how I was feeling spiritually stagnant and I think the house breaking in and my heart feeling the same way for me was a sign to move and change. But what was to follow in my life was even more devastating for me, which were major family issues fitna-(tribulations/problems) within my family and I had to show sabr-(patient) but to be honest I did lose my rag a few times, I gave up even on my duas and much more. Then the dreams started as mentioned above. It was a period of ‘all time low’ in my life, the dreams came as a lifesaver to some degree that allowed my yaqin-(certainty) to be reinforced and helped. I saw it as nothing but a mercy from Allah and barakah-(blessings) of the awliyah-(saints). In the Muqaddima of ibn khaldun, It says near the end of time, Muslims will be given a ruksa–(dispensation) that they will have powerful, true dreams to help them with to increase their iman-(faith) and sabr because of the fitna of the times and Mercy from Allah.

‘ The good dream is a forty-sixth part of prophecy’

Towards the end of time, hardly any dreams will be untrue . The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “That will be because the Prophet hood and its effects will be so far away in time, so the believers will be given some compensation in the form of dreams which will bring them some good news or will help them to be patient and steadfast in their faith.” (Al-Bukhari, 6499; Muslim, 4200)

Abu Hurayra reported Allah’s Messenger (Peace be upon him) (The Holy Prophet Muhammad) as saying: " When the time draws near (when the Resurrection is near) a believer’s dream can hardly be false . And the truest vision will be of one who is himself the most truthful in speech, for the vision of a Muslim is the forty-sixth part of Prophecy, and dreams are of three types:
One, a good dream which is a sort of good tidings from Allah;
the evil dream which causes pain and is from Satan;
and the third one is a suggestion of one’s own mind;

so if any one of you sees a dream which he does not like he should stand up and offer prayer and he should not relate it to people…." The good dream is a forty-sixth part of prophecy.

Full text see link

Salawat naariyah last dua I printed

My heart started to want other Dua’s and salawat’s as my heart just wouldn’t rest I wasn’t getting much more now from my current tariqah on a personal level that is, so at moments I turned to many other duas and salawat but my heart turned and had an attraction to a certain salawat which was the last salawat I printed and added to my collection of duas.

So the last dua I was attracted to was salawat naariyah-Fire which I later learned from the Budshishiyyah was called kamilah-(perfect/complete) and only when the reader or the saalik (traveler on the spiritual path) recites it 4444 times does it become Naariyah. A friend I knew said he only read it a few hundred times and that some of its affects came to him. And he mentioned that the salawat came from Morocco and I said yes its real secrets are with the Moroccan sufi especially the Budshishiyyah who use it as a bedrock for the fuqara to be recited with the personal Wird-(wird a daily form of dhikr).

Salawat naariyah below English with meaning;

As-Salaat Naariyah (also known, and As-Salaatut Taaziyyah, As-Salaatul Tafreejiyyah)

Allahumma salli salaatan kaamilatan
Wa sallim salaaman taamman 'alaa Sayyidina Muhammad-i
Nilladhee tanhallu bihi'l 'uqad wa tanfariju bihi'l kurab
Wa tuqdhaa bihi'l hawaaij wa tunaalu bihi'r-raghaaib
Wa husnu'l khawaatim wa yustasqa'l ghamaamu biwaj'hihi'l kareem
Wa 'alaa aalihi wa sahbihee fee kulli lamhatin wa nafasin
Bi 'adadi kulli ma'loomin-lak

O Allah! Bestow a complete blessings and a perfect peace on Sayyiduna Muhammad
and for his sake may all difficulties be removed,
all calamities and agonies prevented;
all needs fulfilled; all desires obtained;
and a felicitous end attained (with Iman);
and (give us) rain-showering clouds
through the generous countenance of the Prophet,
and on his family and companions
with every moment and every breath,
as many times as is known to You.

Flight of the Phoenix

The phoenix is a bird of Arabia; it’s a mythical bird with fabulous golden-red feathers. Its a bird that rises from the ashes after burning up and rises again to fly, the bird was also said to regenerate when hurt or wounded by a foe, thus being almost immortal and invincible in a tradition it rises ‘every five hundred years’ and when it observes that it has grown old, it erects a funeral pyre (A pyre is a wooden structure heaped for burning a dead body as a funeral rite) for itself from small branches of aromatic plants, and having turned to face the rays of the sun, beating its wings, it deliberately fans the flames for itself and is consumed in the fire. It was soon time for me to fly again and move on it wasn’t five hundreds but only five years, but it felt like five hundred years.

My dreams were given me some comfort, from the arrows of pain that destiny had given me which I had to accept, but now it was time to fly the phoenix needs to rise from the flames again. It says ‘only thorough affliction are ranks distinguishes and their stations determined, everything is in levels or ranks’.

One must go through life and be tested for Allah test us with trials and tribulations and the more we are given the more Allah loves us and raises us in rank, of course this is conditional that one shows sabr and doesn’t complain and if complaints are warranted, permitted at anyone then turn to Allah in Tawba-(repentance) and ask for this Mercy. The time had come I needed to bathe in spiritual regenerate from my pitiful of spiritual stagnation-(stillness no motion or movement spiritually) now, the dreams and signs I was getting pointed me to a new direction in my life, a new chapter, a new stage of my spiritual development was soon to arrive giving me nourishment and allowing me to move again from stagnation.

Spiritual stagnation

Feeling weak and having many problems in my life and being in a state of spiritual stagnation didn’t come at a worse time. To be stagnant means ‘not circulating or flowing; dead air; dead water; not growing or changing; without force or vitality, Lacking freshness, motion, flow, progress, or change; stale; motionless; still. Whose growth and development have all but ceased due to poor site and/or excessive stocking.’ Know that bacteria quickly grows in stagnant water so what about stagnate souls and bodies that have water 70% in them there hearts and bodies are made sickened with lack of dhikr spiritual movement and spiritual growth.

Two Scientific lessons about our bodies and the barakah of always being positive and increasing with dhikr and not being in the state of spiritual stagnation.

1. The human body is made up of more than 70% water

The human body is made up of more than 70% water. The blood is more than 80%, the brain more than 75%, and the liver is 96% water! The human body is a water machine, designed primarily to run on water and minerals. Every life-giving and healing process that happens inside the body happens with water.

Our energy level is greatly affected by the amount of water we drink. It has been medically proven that just a 5% drop in body fluids will cause a 25% to 30% loss of energy in the average person and a 15% drop in body fluids causes’ death! And lack of clean water will cause disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, depression and more. Thus the quantity and quality of the water we drink has a dramatic impact on our health. To get out of spiritual stagnation I needs quality Ibaadah- worship for the soul and body which gives movement and nourishment and positive thoughts and duas also changes ones energy levels too.

2. Scientifically positive words, prayers and thoughts over water affect our molecular structure.

From Dr. Masaru Emotos a Japanese sciences provided with factual evidence, that human vibration energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water, the very same water that comprises over 70% of a mature human body and the same amount (70%) also covers our planet. Water is the very source of all life on this planet, its quality and reliability are vitally important to all forms of life. The body is very much like a sponge and is composed of trillions of chambers called cells that hold liquid. The quality of our life is directly connected to the quality of our water. And again having the correct positive duas will increase ones well being and spiritual aura or some called it our etheric energy. Just look as the barakah of doing wudu it washes away sins that we commit.

Please stop for a moment and reflect on these and your state. Understanding these twos points above one sees that the body always needs to be in dhikr (dhikr to the soul is like water to fish, without water the fish dies and without dhikr the heart soon dies) to stay healthy physically and spiritually and more importantly one needs a real Sufi masters hand to help them not to fall into Spiritual stagnation.Thus begins ‘The search’ to find the shaykh of the time that will benefit me and the western/eastern Muslims and world.... Part 3

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