The Tariqah of Sirr secret

If you are looking for the Tariqah of this Time! Then look no further then this, which has combined the spiritual secrets-(Sirr) of the Darqawiyya/Shadhiliyyah, Tijaniyya,'Alawiyyah and Qadiriyyah Tariqahs.

The Mujaddid of Sufism in this Time, The Qutb, 'Arif billah Sayyid Shaykh Sidi Hamza al-Qadiri Budshishi Who has turned sufism on its head by opening the Door of Jamal-Mercy and Beauty (oppose to Jalal-Majestic/hardship) and by giving out the taste-Dhawq of waliyyah-Sainthood at the beginning of bayyah of Tariqah.

I was asked a questioned about bayah and who to take it with and why. Personally If i would take bayah with a Shaykh, I would choose The Qutb Shaykh Sidi Hamza al-Qadiri Budshishi's Tariqah. (Having been following the Sufi path for 15 years, I have recently Joined the Noble tariqatul-zaman al-Qadiri al-Budshishi)

The Qutb Sidi Hamza al-Qadiri Budshishi Tariqah springs its secrets from the Darqawi, Alawi, Tijani and Qadiri paths
and the blessed Shaykh is a Sayyid from Imam Hasan and the Tariqah goes back to the Qadiri roots. So its really a powerhouse of Sufism at its best.

The Tariqah is "Qadiri Aslan-(origan) Shadhili Nisbatan-(Connection) Tijani Mashraban-(Drink/Taste)" Sidi Ahmed Qustas

Today many Shaykhs of Tariqah have given and are giving bayyah to our Shaykh, just to mention some. The Grand Muhaddith Shaykh Abdel-Aziz Ibn Siddiq Al Ghumari has joined the Tariqah, The Grand children of The Qutb Shaykh Abdel-Aziz Dabbagh-(Maqam Youtube) have Joined, one of the oldest murids of Shaykh Ahmad ibn Mustafa Al-'Alawi has said that our Shaykh meaning Shaykh al-'Alawi kept everything inside himself but Shaykh Sidi Hamza is giving out to His fuqarah.

(what is the Shaykh giving out read below)

Sidi Hamza has the shortest link to Shaykh al-'Alawi, Sidi Abu Madyan took from him and Sidi Hamza took from Sidi Abu Madyan. Allah be well pleased with all of them, see below;

At the point of bayyah every Murid of Sidi Hamza is a Wali, he/she tastes waliyyah-sainthood and they have to preserve it by the Shariah.

So By far this is The Great Merciful Tariqah Al Qadiri Al Budshishi, and the Tariqah of this Time.

A Shareef (a descend of sayyiduna rasulillah (peace be upon him) went to the Maqam of Great Mulay Idris and ask who the Qutb was later in a Dream he was told that the Qutb of the Time is Sidi Hamza.

The Qutb of the Time, The Arif billah Sidi Sidi Hamza the Grand son of Shaykh Abdal-Qadir Jilani and is the living Sufi Master of his Time and the Mujadid of Sufism in this Time. 'And thus He is the Shaykh of the Time and this is the Tariqah of the Time'!

Many Shaykhs today give Bayah of Barakah NOT bayah of Sirr-Spiritual heritage. because thats all they have to give and gave themselves. Barakah Bayah is a bayah of Blessings but Sirr means Spiritual Secrets.

Relationship with the Master: The Shaykh does not have to talk with his disciple (murid) to achieve meanings (maaani). Sidi Hamza said: The one that understands the value of the Shaykh knows that his relationship with him does not depend on words. You see me and I see you, it is largely sufficient.”

One eye contact between Sidi Hamza and his disciple is the key to existence (Hadra), closeness-(khurb), and education-(taribiya).It is one vision-(Nadra) from Sidi Hamza that enter the murid to Hadra. This Nadra is the chemistry of rapture (saada) and the gate to drink His (GOD) wine, and what a wine!

As for books and texts Sidi Hamza al-Qadiri al-Budshishi Writes in the hearts of his Murids and not on paper or internet. And this is done with just one glance of the eye of Sidi Hamza al-Qadiri al-Budshishi who is the Grandson of Shaykh Abdal-Qadir Jilani-(the Master of Masters of all Sufsm Shaykhs)

So If you are looking for the Tariqah of this Time! Then look no futher then this, which has combined the spiritual heritage (Sirr) of the Darqawiyya, Tijaniyya, 'Alawiyyah and Qadiri Tariqahs and has opened the Mercy Doors of Jamal to enter unlike many others that still go through the Doors of Jalal.