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Deen Islam - " Reviving Lost Spiritual Knowledge""

Payments can be e-mail Via Paypal - find out more click herel
Simply email the DVDs you'd like and you will receive an invoice via
PayPal a Secure Site that will take all transactions.

DVD/VCDs are Now avaliable to purchase 1 @ £4.00 or 3 @ £ 10.00
full details below with pricing and P&P costings. List updated 16th June 05

Collection of some of the DVDs

Shaykh Aziz Schaller (R.A) And whirling Dervishes 1st Mevlevi Master of West 2 X DVDs NEW!

Shaykh Prof. Abdul Hakim Murad - Aspects of the Seerah 2 X VCDs NEW!

Shaykh Muammad al Yazdani Misbahi Al-Azhari Importance of Ghiyaarvi Shareef - 11th of every month Sunni Muslims recite Dua's & Khatam for Shaykh Abdal-Qadir-Jilani Why in Arab world this is called Mawlid. NEW!

Shaykh Hisham Kabbani April 2005 UK Visit 4 DVDs talks in Bury,Rochdale and London the

London talk was a warning about Munafiqun in Tariqah! Ready NEW!

Dalail ul Khayrat & Hadra & Mawlid with short talk about Hadra by Shaykh Ahmed BaBikr Jan05 DVD X2
this will be avaliable still waiting

Hajj Tips and Hanafi fiqh of Hajj 05 by Shaykh Yazadani - Private section DVD X2
this will be avaliable still waiting

Vices of the Limbs DVD x3 by Shaykh Abdul-aziz Fredrickes with Mawlid singing
Text covered is from the Great Shaykh Habib Imam Haddad al-alawi

Seerah conference With Shaykh Sa'd Attas, Shaykh Yazadani, Shaykh Dr Gibril Haddad and the Blessed Hair of Prophet peace and blessings be upon him. X 2 DVDs

Singing Sensation Nasheed Group -Muhibi-Rasul plus Side show X1 DVD

Qasidahs of Shaykh Muhammad ibn Haibib by Darqawi-Shadhiliyyahin Norwich after Islamic Market. X1 DVD

On Terrorism 2 Talks by Shaykh Dr. Abdul-Qadir As-Sufi X 1 DVD

Interview with Shaykh Shaykh Dr. Abdul-Qadir As-Sufi 1991 Granada X 1DVD

Annual Naat Conference, the Best of Pakistan, Singers and Qari reciters 3 DVDs

Soon coming out Hanafi Fiqh Classes-Basic Fiqh Lesson 1& 2 - Nur-ul-Idaah by Shaykh Muhammad al Yazdani Misbahi Al-Azhari DVDs

Shaykh Abdul 'Aziz Ahmed Fredrickes commentry of Vices of Limbs by Great Shaykh Imam Haddad alawi X 3 DVDS Coming out some time at the End or Middle of Shahr-Ramadhan 2004

More titles to be added on yet.

To order any of the above DVDs email islam2jannat@yahoo.co.uk
or ring Sajad -Berkshire.UK 07748 65 20 27

DeenIslam is NON-PROFIT Sadaqah Group-teaching Islam through Multi-Media.

how to order our DVDs
Step1. Please email us with your order and give details of your postal address

Step 2. Once confirmation of email is received and total bill agreed send a cheque payable only to Deenislam

step 3. Deenislam will provide an address were the cheque is to be send, once cheque is banked. Only then will order go out to you, please make sure you reply once the order arrives. thank you

Pricing for DVDs

Packaging and Post

1 for £4.00

1 for £1.50, 2 for £2.00

3 for £10.00 ( one free)

3 for £2.50, 4 for £3.00
7 for £20.00 (two free) 5 for £3.50, 6-7 for £5.00
Note add the Posting to your total

All Cassettes Cost 2.00 British Pound Sterling
updated 16th June05
For Further Enquires email :- Islam2jannat@yahoo.com

1. .African Wird - non-stop
2. .Bosnian Nashqbandi Dhikr
3. .Damascus Hadra Dhikr - With Drums
4. .Shadhili Dhikr from Misr
5. .Darqawiyah-Shadhili Qasida/Wird//Hadra
From Diwan of Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib
6. .Hadarah Of Shaykh Waild & Shaykh Ahmed Habush
7. .Tala' al badru Alayna - With Drums -Malaysian
8. .Turkish Dhikr / Hadra Live -
9. .Syrian Qasidas- With Drums
10..Salaat-O-Salaam - Syed Fusihuddin Soharwardi (Urdu)
11. Rare Copy Qari Abdul-Basit- this is a live recording thats hard to purchase.
12. Holy Qur'aan Surah (2-3)- Qari Jibreel Crys While Reciting.
13. Dhikr from Senegal of Shaykh Ahmadu Bamba Links to for more info site1 and site2
Naat Vol.1 With Drums Prof. Abdul -Rauf Roofi - (Urdu)
15. PC Cd Qari Abdul-Basit full Quran MP3 - PLUS Free Hadith and Quran software

Naat Vol.2 With Drums (Urdu) waiting to converting to CD
Naat Vol.1 (Urdu) waiting to converting to CD
Naat Vol.2 (Urdu) waiting to converting to CD

DALA'IL UL KHAYRAT - 3 CASSETTES waiting to converting to CD