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Dua's for 27th Rajab is the Month of God - Isra and Mi`raj 

Assalamo Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Devotional performance should be done with cleanliness, purity of faith, with exclusive attention i.e. heart and should in the prayers and to understand what we are praying. It is our duty to worship Allah and also fast specially on the 27th day. Every devotional act will have spiritual benefits. This night is the night of Divine mercy and Allah will grant success and fulfillment of desires to the sincere devotees and also protect them from haram and Hellfire.

Allah's Messenger (Blessing of Allah and Peace be on him) said that 70,000 angels with trays of divine light on their heads enter the homes of the inmates who are in devout remembrance of Allah and by the grace of Allah they empty these trays over the heads of those who pray.

According to the Tradition, whoever performs devout actions during the 27th night and keeps fast during the 27th day of Rajab, he will be favoured with great spiritual reward. And if his intention is to gain Divine pleasure then he shall be honoured to partake meals with Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim (A-lai-his-sa-laam), on the Day of Judgement.

This night should be celebrated by having sermons and sacred gatherings. Those holding and attending these gatherings will be worthy of spiritual rewards.

There are many types pointed out in many books Kitabul Awraad, Toohfah, Falah-ud-deen, Risala hashriyyah, Ahyaa-ul-uloom, Khoola-sa-tul Akhyaar, Sirool Asraar, Zaadool Maad, etc.

(To pray on the night of 27th Rajab)


12 raka'at Nafl
(2 at a time)
In every raka'at after 'Al-ham-du' Sura Ikhlas' 5 times.
After Namaaz, recite 100 times Darood Sharif for fulfillmant of desires.

6 raka'at Nafl namaz (2 at a time).
In each raka'at recite 'Al-ham-du' once and 'Qul-hu-wal-lah' 7 times.
After salaam 50 times darood Sharif.

100 Nafl namaz, (2 at a time)
In each raka'at, after 'Al-ham-du' recite 'Qul-hu-wal-lah'. Hastily recite 100 Darood Sharif. Go in Sajdah and appeal to Allah. Insha Allah, He will no let you go empty hand.

2 raka'at Nafl Namaaz with intention of presenting it to Allah's Messenger (Blessing of Allah and Peace be on him). In each raka'at, after 'Al-ham-du' recite 'Qul-hu-wal-lah' 27 times and in the Tashahud, after ‘At-tah-hi-yaat' recite Darood-e-Ibrahim 27 times.

12 raka'at nafl namaz (2 at a time)
The 1st four raka'ats : In each raka'at recite 'Al-ham-du' once and Sura Qadr 3 times. After salaam recite 70 times ‘LAA I-LAA-HA IL-LAL-LAA-HUL MA-LI-KUL HAQ-QUL MU-BEEN' .

In the 2nd four raka'ats : in each raka'at recite 'Al-ham-du' once and Sura Nasr (I-zaa-ja-a nas-rul-lah) 3 times. After salaam recite 70 times ‘ IN-NA-KA KAV WAA-HI-DI-YUN DA-LI-LUN BI-HAQ-QI IY-YAA-KA NA'-BU-DU WA IY-YAA-KA NAS-TA-EEN' .

In the 3rd four raka'at : In each raka'at recite 'Al-ham-du' once and 'Qul-hu-wal-lah' 3 times. After salaam recite 70 times Sura ‘A-lam Nash-rah'. Pray for your desires to be fulfilled.

2 raka'at Nafl namaz. In the first raka'at after'Al-ham-du' recite Sura ‘A-lam-nash-rah' once. In the second raka'at after 'Al-ham-du' recite Sura Li-I-laa-fi Qu-raish'. This prayer will enable you to the reward of praying with the Aulias.

7. There are many more nafl Namaazz in 10, 20 and 100 raka'ats. Pray as much as you can.


1. After Zuhr Namaaz, 4 raka'at with one sa-laam. In the first raka'at, after 'Al-ham-du' recite ‘Sura Qadr' 3 times. In the second raka'at, after 'Al-ham-du'-ham-du' recite 'Qul-hu-wal-lah'-hu-wal-lah' 3 times. In the third raka'at, after 'Al-ham-du' recite Sura Falq 3 times. In the fourth raka'at, after 'Al-ham-du' recite Sura Naas 3 times. After salaam, recite Darood Sharif 100 times. All your desires will be fulfilled.

2. Keep fast of this day . It is worth 100 fasts and prevents the punishment of the grave and Hellfire . You will receive a drink from the Rajab river in Paradise.

May Allah accept our invocation and devotional performances and grant us the spiritual effects in this month of Rajab and Shab-e- Me'raaj. May Allah grant our supplications (du'aa), Aameen.