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Bismillahi Babuna
The name of Allah is our Door
- Shadhili dua taken from Hizbul Bahr

Introduction to Sufism - 'the Science of Ihsan' Course
Taught by Muhammad Sajad Ali webmaster of Deenislam.co.uk

Time Saturdays/Sundays or Evenings Dates
***To Be Confirmed insha'llah a rough date Dec 2011

Advance booking is required
via email and text too

Sign up today for Course via email or text message

Introduction to Sufism classes, on the life of Al-Qutb Imam Shadhili and his Awrad especially Hizbul Bahr
Based on powerful Mind Mapping technique of learning - see some links of Course below.

Please forward to all

***Picture links of some of the course material ** link below for pdf
Introduction of the men of Allah that lived in or around time of Imam Shadhili's life Mind Map Part 1
Amazing Powerful Introduction to the life of Al-Qutb Imam Shadhili
Introduction to Sufism by Sufi masters & Definition of Sufism Part 2
The Life of teachings of Imam Shadhili Course - Part 3
Understand the four enemies Ego its levels,Hawa, Dunya & Shaytan and Was-Was and 7 Gates of sickness to the Heart 4
Understanding the inner subtle sickness 4A
7 of Seven Nafs/Souls and Attributes 4B
Tawbah - the 1st step to the Journey to Allah 4C
Sufism and its Application today As-sufi ibn waqtihi- the Sufi is the Son of the Time- Part 5
Sufi Mind Map 4 Shadhili Secrets- Hizbul Bahr,Qasida Burda,Hikam,Dalail Khayrat -PDF file
Part 6
Note: there links within this mind map that are linked to full E-book some are large files
Muraqabah Shadhiliyah perspective and how to do Muraqabah Part 7

Extra notes - Imam Shadhili is taught Imam Ghazalil's by... see course text for more details and Ba'Alawi link
Imam Haddad's tariqah Ba'Alawi is taken from Sidi Abu Madyan and his books are based on Ghazali’s Teachings
Imam Ghazali’s Kimiya'e Saadat is the abridged -'The Revival of Religious Sciences" (Ihya Ulum al-Din)
The Darqawi Shadhili Sufi Masters and there Duas/Qasaid 8
More to add yet

Taught by myself Muhammad Sajad Ai -Sufi webaster of http://www.deenislam.co.uk
Time Saturdays/Sundays or evenings Dates
Advance booking is required
via email and text too

The Classes will be running in:
London NW2

Burton upon Trent

or any other City/Town simply ring or email.

Time Saturday 11am-1pm
5 mins walk from
(private address that will be text or emailed)
Dollis Hill station london
Willesden Green,

The London Location will be texted or emailed as its a private address

Times evenings or weekends - timing to be given
The Zawiya
1 Jenkins Street
Small Heath

B10 0QH

You must  give a confirmation of attendance via email or text and advance payment via Paypal link to be give or cash address to be given all.  A Eventbite.com  link is still being created soon which you can sign up to, as well. for the course.

All classes will run based on confirmation of Students (minimum of 10) So invite your friends so too.

The fee - Cost and duration of Course for the 'Ihsan course' ?
Duration of course is about 4 or more sessions  each  running Approx. 2 hours

The cost is £10 per session, each session is 2 hours  Approx.

The whole course will be taught through Powerpoint slides & mind mapping diagrams. Note the mind maps are based on many  books and articles as well as personal study.

The sessions will be broken down to 19 mins blocks of teaching- this is based on the 'psychology of the brain' to Scan, Absorb and Process Information to its highest level.

Extra: Video clips, MP3 Dhikr and Practical sessions will also be covered and shown.

All interested in an introduction to classical Sufism taught in a modern frame work of Mind mapping and the how to understand classical sufism and in modern times too.

Please ring, text 0753-5654-125 or email

dalail ul Khayrat, dalail al Khayrat, qasidah burda

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