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Section Dua take from Chapter 2 Vol.1 of Majmua-Salawat-Ur-Rasool by Khwaja Abdur Rehman Chorvi
This is only a sound bit taken out from a 5 vol book of salawat shareef

The Duas asks for Support and help, after help after help for duas to be answered through the Holy names of Hannu. Mannu Wahhabu, Razzaqu, fathu, ghaniyu Mu'tiu, Badiu also the Lord of the World. some of which are To increase Riqz and victory and any other need. there something about this dua that draws out the energy for Help and support from our Lord and answer our Duas and needs

roughly translated - 'Oh my God, is there one such that he supplicated to you and you did not answer? And, is there one who asked you, yet you do not give? And, is there one who sought your protection, yet you did not help? o helper, help, o (my) succor! (grant) succor, o (my) aid, aid (me)! Help me! O helper of those who seek succor! Help me! O God of the worlds! Help me! O Best of Helpers! Help me! O Affectionate! O Benevolent! Help me! O Benefactor! O Provider! O Opener! Help me! O (you who are) Without Need! Help me! O You who brings about great wonders.