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Importance of Spiritual Sufi Meditation – Zikr (dhikr)
by Muhammad Sajad Ali Abu Izzah

Having followed the way of spiritual meditation or the Sufi path of love for many years now, I've travelled the world and am fortunate to have met many Sufi masters of the path and attended many Sufi gatherings. I have received much love and a new way to perceive the vision of God, without being judgmental, and through the eyes of love and tolerance and have found tranquillity in my soul.

We are all in need of understanding and spiritual love of our Lord and many of us, today, have been traumatized in some way by this modern age. Patience has gone “out the window” in the era of technology and it has created anger, frustration, and turbulence for our souls, so that we use escapism with our modern gadgets to keep us busy and fidgeting.

And so, we have lost the ability to stop and reflect any more, the wise say ‘With Silence and reflection is wisdom inherited’ and that is more needed today than ever before.

Most of us are just waking zombies, suffering from loneliness of the soul and we all know there is something missing in our lives. We fill that avoid with some type of materialist wealth which has caused our souls to become traumatized. This has lead to the ‘death of the spiritual heart’ and what is needed to heal the 'spiritual heart' is a spiritual detoxifying or a ‘spiritual retreat’, from the stress of ‘love of wealth’ and this world. This has caused many of the rich to experience a ‘physical death of the heart’ - heart attacks and strokes, called ‘rich disease’.

We are all now running around in our cities full of people, but are all alone - trying to fit in somehow, and yet we still have haven’t discovered that there is more to life then this materialist make-up of denial we are in and hide behind.

We have yet to discover the mysteries and secrets of real love and rapture of the soul and especially the Heart. This is where the ‘chair of wise’ – aql (intellect) is learnt and received. It is our wealth and capital and will be used as the currency for the next world. The poorest of us will be the one who has no spiritual value of love and good manners in their actions to present in the next world.

The door of healing, love and spiritual awakening is to open and enter in the ancient Sufi meditation of breathing of Sufi formulae (Holy recitations). With the support of sitting together (Suhba) through companionship does the heart benefit.

Suhba, or sitting together, our souls unite when meditation of breathing, chanting and reciting the secret ancient names of our Lord, do our souls connect, or spiritual energy, is created. This is the spiritual nourishment or heavenly lights needed for our bodies, minds, souls and peace of heart.

As a fish needs water, our souls need Zikr - Sufi meditation. Without water a fish dies, and without Zikr our hearts will eventually die.

Spiritual energy travels from heart to heart in a gathering which is one of the secrets of being together, or companionship. We connect by supporting each other. We take from each other’s good positive spiritual energy, as all of mankind came from one soul our Father Adam (AS).

Our hearts are like satellite dishes. If they are pointing in the right direction, to the heavens, and are receiving the correct code or Sufi formula, then we will receive heavenly visions and feel tranquillity which is missing so much in our lives.

We need to learn how to breathe again and re-connect, to each other as human beings, allow our hearts to swim in the water of spiritual energy, so our inner eye opens and leads the way. We need to re-awaken our souls and become alive and be at peace again. This can all happen when one sits in the gathering of meadows of Sufi mediation and partakes of their drinks and tastes the spiritual intoxication of love of the Divine.

The importance of being connected to a living Sufi Master- (Guiding Shaykh- waliyyan murshid)


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