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Mureed of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Haqqani -Shaykh Gibril Foud al-Haddad of Syria
The Mawlid: "Its place in Islam's Classical Tradition"

Speaker:-Shaykh Gibril Foud al-Haddad of Syria
Title:- "The Mawlid: Its place in Islam's Classical Tradition,"
Venue:-Easton Masjid, St.Mark's Road,Easton, Bristol- Sat 23rd April at 2:15pm.

A prolific translator of classical Islamic work's, shaykh Gibril will draw upon the legal deliberations of some of the foremost scholars of the classical period and discuss the basis, development and objections surrounding the celebration of the Prophet's birthday (Allah bless him and grant him peace). There will be time for a Q and A session afterwards, Insha'Allah.

This event is FREE but you will need to confirm your attendance by sending an email to: Brothers and sisters are all welcome.

Directions/Questions: 07855 742239 or 0780 806 3850

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Biography of Shaykh Gibril Fouad Haddad
Dr Gibril Haddad was born in Beirut in 1380/1960. He embraced Islam while a graduate student in French Literature at Columbia University in New York. He lives in Damascus, Syria. Since 1997 he has translated and published the following texts:

Ibn Khafif. Al-'Aqida al-Sahiha ("Correct Islamic Doctrine").
Al-Bayhaqi. Al-Asma' wal-Safat ("The Divine Names and Attributes").
Ibn 'Abd al-Salam. Ai-Mulha fi I'tiqad Ahl al-Haqq ("Belief of the Poeple of the Truth").
Ibn 'Arabi. Aqidat al-'Awamm min Ahl al-Islam ("Common Doctrine of the Muslim").
Sayyid Muhammad 'Alawi al-Maliki. Al-Anbiya' fi-Barzakh ("The Prophets in the Isthmus-Life"). Revised bilingual edition.
- Al-Anwar al-Bahiyya fi Isra' waMi'raj Khayr al-Bariyya ("The Prophet's (peace be upon him) Night Journey and Ascention"). Revised English edition. Sayyid Yusuf Hashim al-Rifa'i. Nasiha li-Ikhwaninia Ulama' Najd ("Advice to our Brethren the Scholars of Najd"). Introduction by M.S.R. al-Buti. With Sayyid 'Alawi Ahmad al-Haddad's Misbah al-Anam ("The Light of Mankind"). English.
Al-Habib 'Ali al-Jafri. Jesus Christ the Son of Mary and His Most Blessed Mother.
G.F. Haddad. Afdalu al-Khalqi Sayyiduna Muhammad (peace be upon him) On the Prophetic Attribute "Best of Creation"). Bilingual.
- Al-Arba'un fi Fadli al-Shami wa-Ahlih wal-Hijrati ila Allahi wa-Rasulih (peace be upon him) ("The Excellence of Syro-Palestine and Its People in Emigrating to Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him) 40 Hadith") Bilingual. Forewords by Shaykh Abid Kallas, Shaykh Mustafa al-Turkmani, and Shaykh Salah Fakhri.
- Sayyiduna Abu Bakr al-Saddiq (may Allah be well pleased with him). Bilingual.
- Qubrus al-Tarab fi Suhbat Rajab ("The Joy of Cyprus in the Association of Rajab [1422]"). Discourses of Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani. Bilingual.
- Mawlid: Celebrating the Birth of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him)
- Collective Supplication: Sunna or Bid'a? Bilingual.
- Albani and His Friends: A Concise Guide to the "Salafi" Movement.
- The Four Imams and Their Schools. Bilingual.
- Ahmad ibn Taymiyya.

Forthcoming in sha' Allah:

- 'Ayn al-Hayb fi Usul Kashf al-Ghayb ("Proof-Texts of the Prophetic knowledge of the Unseen"). Bilingual.
- Siyar al-Khulafa' al-Rashidin ("The Rightly-Guided Caliphs"). Bilingual.
- Usul al-Bid'at al Hasana fil-Qur'an wal Hadith ("Proof-Texts of the Good Innovation from the Qur'an and Hadith"). Bilingual.
- Al-Ziyarat al-Iraqiyya ila al-Hadarat al-Barzakhiyya bil-Imdadat al-Haqqaniyya wal-Suhbat al-Jiliyya ("Haqqani Visitation to the Sanctuaries of Iraq with Shaykh 'Abd al-Qadir al-Jili al-Madani"). Bilingual.
- Min al-Haramayn al-Sharifayn ("From the Two Holy Sanctuaries: A Hajj Journal"). 2nd edition. Bilingual.
- Min al-Maghrib al-Mubarak ("From Blessed Morrocco"). English and Arabic.
- Our Mother 'A'isha al-Siddiqa al-Nabawiyya. Bilingual
- The Ash'ari School and the Literalists: Texts and Biographies. Abd al-Khaliq. Hujjiyat al-Sunna ("The Binding Proof of the Sunna"). Bilingual.
Ibn Jahbal al-Kilabi. Refutation of Ibn Taymiyya.

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