20 Harms of the Tongue that will take to hell if, Tawba isn't and they need to be put under control

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Lying is lawful in some cases

Lying is lawful in some cases : Know that falsehood is not unlawful for its own sake but it is unlawful for the harm caused to the person with whom falsehood is spoken or harm to other persons.

Sometimes false speaking becomes compulsory. In some places, false- speaking is better than speaking the truth. To save a person from unjust
oppression or unjust killing is must, so lying only becomes compulsory to lie. If then the truth is spoken, a life will perish in the hand of an oppressor.

To compromise between two parties and to preserve good will between two co-wives, false speaking is lawful. He who settles disputes between two parties is not a liar. The lie which is spoken to please a wife is not recorded.

There is no sin in falsehood which benefits a Muslim or removes a harm from hint. The Prophet said: He who commits fornication shall keep it secret with the secrecy of God, -as to disclose an obscene act is also an obscene act.

So every man should sometimes save his life, property and honour, even taking recourse to falsehood.If enquiry is made to you about a secret thing of your brother Muslim, your can deny it to preserve his honour.

If a man has got more than one wife, he can tell a wife-I love you more. Two things should be weighed - truth and falsehood. If harm is caused more than benefit in case of speaking the truth, it may be avoided. Words carrying dual meanings may be spoken in case of a crisis. Minor sins turn into major sins if one is accustomed to them.If one is accustomed to lawful things, it turns also into minor sin