The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:
1. It is the duty of a Muslim to listen and obey the leader (the person in charge) whether he likes it or dislikes it, except when he is ordered to disobey Allah, then no listening and no obeying.

2. The like of the believers in their love, compassion and mercy is like a body when one part of it pains the rest of the body stays awake and feverish.

3. A woman is not allowed to travel except with a Mihram, and she is not allowed to be with a man unless there is a Mihram with her. (Note: A Mihram includes the woman’s husband, father, grandfather, uncle, brother, son, stepson or nephew).

4. Help your brother (Muslim) whether he is right or wrong. The Prophet was asked: We help him when he is right, but how do we help him when he is wrong? The Prophet answered: By preventing him from doing wrong, in such a way that you help him.

5. Whosoever imitates others he becomes one of them.

6. Excessive laughter deadens the heart.

7. No one of you would be a believer until he loves for his brother (Muslim) what he loves for himself.

8. The best food you eat is the food that was earned by your work.

9. (Archangel) Gabriel insisted that I be good to the neighbor until I thought the neighbor would inherit me. (Note: A neighbor in this Hadith includes Muslims and non-Muslims who live in the neighborhood or work associates).

10. The Prophet asked do you know who is the bankrupt? His companions answered: the bankrupt amongst us is the one who has neither money nor food to eat. The Prophet said (The bankrupt one of my ummah (nation) is that who comes on the day of Judgement with praying, fasting and almsgiving, but he cursed this, backbit that, usurped the wealth of this, hurt that; then each of these people will be given from his share of rewards to compensate for the wrongs were done on them. When his rewards are exhausted before his debts are paid, the bad deeds of those who were wronged by him will be laid on him and he will be thrown into Hell Fire).

11. Any Muslim who plants a plant so that a bird, a human or other dumb animals would eat from it, Allah will reward him for it.

12. When a human being dies, his relation with this world is severed except of three things: continuous charity, useful knowledge and righteous children who do good deeds and pray for him.

13. Look at the people who are below you and do not look at the people who are above you, so that you do not be greedy or ungrateful of Allah Blessings.

14. Allah does not look at your features and possessions but He looks at your hearts and deeds.

15. You do not enter Paradise until you believe (in Allah) and you do not believe until you love each other. Shall I guide you to something if you do it you would love each other? Spread peace amongst yourselves.

16. The first priority of knowledge is to know Allah and the last one is to refer all matters to Him.

17. The most liked deed to Allah is the continuous one even though it is little.

18. If you have no shame, do what you wish.

19. Have mercy on others, you receive mercy from Allah. Forgive others, you will be forgiven.

20. Your worst enemy is yourself within you.

21. The best of worship is seeking knowledge (of Allah’s creation).

22. Sit with people of esteem, ask people of knowledge and associate with people of wisdom.

23. The love of this World (materialism) is the source of all evil.

24. Marriage is half the faith. Seek the other half by sincere worship.

25. Silk and gold are forbidden for Muslim males (not females).

26. Having a sense of shame comes from faith.

27. Take the wisdom and care not from where it came.

28. The best of people are those who are most useful to people.

29. The faithful Muslim is the one whom people are saved from his tongue and his hands.

30. Remove an obstacle from a road; it will be counted as a charity for you.

31. Every intoxicator is alcohol and every alcohol is forbidden.

32. The one who leads to a good deed is rewarded like the one who is doing it.

33. Be ware of the company of bad people for you would be equate with them

34. Be with Allah in easy time, He (Allah) will be with you in hard time.

35. Say the truth even if it is bitter.

36. Say the truth, even if it is against yourself.

37. Regret is a form of repentance.

38. When you do good and feel good and when you do bad and feel bad; it is a sign of good faith.

39. No obediance is to be accorded to a human being (whoever he might be) if it leads to disobeying Allah.

40. Who cheats us is not one of us.

41. Allah’s Hand is with those who are together (united).

42. Feed the hungry, visit the sick and liberate the oppressed.

43. Allah have not brought down a sickness without bringing down its cure, except old age and death. So, Search for the cure.

44. Allah despises the one who is right but empty (not useful).

45.Get married but don’t get divorced for Allah’s Throne shakes from divorce. Note: Divorce in Islam is allowed under justifiable circumstances.

46. If you do not say something good, say nothing.

47. Who hurts a dhimi he hurts me, and who hurts me he hurts Allah. (Note: A dhimi is a Jews or a Christians who lives in a Muslim State or Community and the Muslims are required to protect them under the Islamic Law).

48. In it (the Qur’an) you find the news of those who preceded you and the arbitration of those amongst you and the news of those who will come after you. It is decisive and not a mockery. It is the Wise Reminder and the firm Rope connected to Allah. Whoever seeks guidance outside it, Allah sets him astray. The tongues utter it clearly and the minds do not boggle by it. It is not altered in spite of numerous attempts (and disputes). Learned people will not have their fill of it nor its wonder will ever diminish.

50. You do not enter Paradise until you believe and you don’t believe until you love each other, shall I lead you to something if you do it you will love each other; spread peace amongst you.